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Confess your feelings of betrayal, fear, heartache or humiliation that you have experienced in your divorce or co-parenting situation.

Share a setting that you regret or a situation that may have caused anguish, misery or sorrow  for your co-parent.  Or, reveal actions that may have promoted emotional pain or unhappiness for your child.

Confessions are not limited to heartache only.  Please share heartwarming moments and happy experiences you have experienced in divorce and shared parenting too!  Perhaps, something your co-parent did or said that has enhanced your co-parenting relationship.  

Here is anopportunity to share the confessions about your divorce or co-parenting experiences. This can be something that you have told to family and friends or a private thought that has remained a secret…….until now. Focus on extreme moments of individual experiences.  

This is a place to confess what your co-parent did or said that led to your feelings of betrayal, fear or humiliation. Write about something that you enacted, a statement or a thought you expressed that caused grief for your co-parent, your child or yourself.  

We learn from others experiences and situations. Perhaps in reading these scenarios, co-parents can identify with issues they are also experiencing.   Hopefully,one can see how some actions can have long-term negative effects and cause pain for their co-parent or child!   Importantly, by reading these stories co-parents can see that they are not alone in the thoughts and feelings surrounding their divorce and co-parenting relationship.

Invitation is extended to:

  • Parents who are divorced or in the process of divorce.
  • Parents and co-parents (never married) who have children.
  • Parents who have or do not have a parenting plan in place.
  • Anyone interested in a front row seat to see the despair that divorce or co-parenting issues can have on a parent and how the actions impact the child.

Happy on the Outside


Standing under blue skies and white clouds a child surrounded by sporting event balls appears smiling.   The words state “I’m happy on the outside to everyone I know.” This child seems to be presenting as a happy person to everyone and sad on the inside. Divorce and custody may be distressing to some children. Offering emotional support is important. 

#533, Happy on the Outside


Violent, Noisy Battles


A startling portrayal of divorce for this young one. A small part of the child is visible. Does this mean the child feels overlooked?  The wide eyes indicate this child knows what is happening. Both parents seem enthralled in this fight.  The prominent red tongues support the caption  ‘violent, noisy battle’.  How long will this go on before someone notices their little one is watching them?

#532, Violent, Noisy Battles


Divorce Problems


Divorce has a tendency to turn everyones world upside down. This artist shares a realistic view of parental divorce. “My parents gave me more trouble than I ever gave them.” Divorce is between the parents and should be about the child. 

#531, Divorce Problems



This artist demonstrates parental conflict. Each parent has yanked off the arm of the bear this child is clutching. She is crying streams of blue tears. The white surrounding the child adds to the drama. Parental conflict can be confusing and scary. Will these parents notice how this little girl is feeling?  Will someone take time to fix her bear?

#530, Torn

Artwork by Katelynnvallejo.weebly/children-series.html  

Sad Faces



A very sad depiction of parental divorce.  Everyone has a sad face. Even the prominent blue tear at the top seems lost and forlorn.  This young artist presents a sense of being alone as he is surrounded by large blue tears. Hopefully, someone will reach out to this child.


#529, Sad Faces




Artwork from a 12-year-old represents her sad experience with parental divorce. There are several poignant elements. Left side: she is kneeling on the stars crying large blue tears falling beneath her as she overhears the mean words her parents are speaking. The mean face in black indicates anger. Right side: A heart is crossed out with a thick black line. Are these parents aware of how their fighting is impacting this girl? Parental conflict is confusing to the child. This artwork reveals how parental conflict is confusing to the child. 

“In the thought balloon she cries “Shutup! Quit fighting!” The crossed-out heart represents the loss of love in her world, with her family’s conflict feeling like a new World War. The purple writing says, “There’s always two sides of a story!” revealing that this child feels like she has to be the mediator when her parents fight.”

#528, WW III

From Divorce Resolutions, Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation, located in Boulder Colorado.