Sadness of Divorce


Here is the true sadness of divorce.  One father expresses discouragement in not seeing his children every day.  Parenting occurs in the day to day activities. This is where bonding takes place, lessons are learned, memories develop, responsibilities taught and traditions are created. This father is right, parenting only two days per month is not really parenting. The great thing about having two parents is having two people caring and loving on the child. Parenting is not a contest.  Parenting is a right and too many parents have been robbed of this responsibility. 

“I always experienced a tremendous feeling of sadness and hurt. I always had a feeling that no matter how hard you were trying and no matter how much time, there’s no way you can turn one or two visits a month into normal parenting. No matter how you cut it, you come up short and you feel it. You always come up a day late and a dollar short. It’s a tremendous sense of hurt. You want a full experience as a father, you want them to feel full love and you want them to feel it continually.”


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#176, Sadness of Divorce

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