Hardest Part



An adult child of divorce shares their thoughts on divorce and the impact on their life.  Family events during childhood set the stage for how the child develops. One parent keeping the child from a co-parent will have lasting implications.  In many cases, a child will figure out what transpired and express thoughts on what SHOULD have happened. How could this have been done differently?  A child should have access to both parents. What happens when one parent chooses not the co-parent?  The child experiences guilt  because they want to have a relationship with both parents-and that should not be an issue. 


For me the hardest part of my parents’ divorce was adjusting to having two families. One, that my mom wanted me to be in and one that my mom did not want me to be a part of-with my dad.  The divorce doesnt bother me.  What does bother me is being made to feel guilty for wanting to spend time with my dad.   To say it does not bring pain, doubts, and questions would be a lie.


#297, Hardest Part

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