Who is Knocking a the Door


A stressful scenario for anyone!  Imagine how the child is impacted by the constant anxiety about ‘who is knocking at the door’.  A sad depiction of divorce with parental conflict!

Anonymous: Yesterday a friend of the family stopped over unannounced. We were just sitting down to dinner and heard a knock at the door and instantly my husband and I look at each other…. Sad to think that when we hear a knock at the door we automatically think we are being served papers, but sadly enough that’s what our life has been the last 8 years. YES–we have been served that many times! We were pleasantly surprised when we opened the door to see a friend. More and more we’ve had more friends over…opened our doors and our home and let people into our lives as well. We are done hiding and feeling like we are to be shamed for our blended family and the situation we are in. We are done hiding from everyone about the constant court battles and false accusations. Friends and family have been wonderful, caring, supportive and shocked by it all. I share this, to remind you to make sure you have a good circle of support….and be open to sharing your experiences–whether good or bad. Knowledge is power and people need to know what goes on in the courts in order for change to happen, especially people who are not in our situations. Everyone needs to stop turning a blind eye to the problem. 

**I look forward to the day that when we hear a knock at the door, we smile and just wonder which friend is coming to visit us and do we have enough drinks to share in the fridge.

A Knock at the Door m



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#89, Who is Knocking at the Door

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