Sad Faces



A very sad depiction of parental divorce.  Everyone has a sad face. Even the prominent blue tear at the top seems lost and forlorn.  This young artist presents a sense of being alone as he is surrounded by large blue tears. Hopefully, someone will reach out to this child.


#529, Sad Faces





Artwork from a 12-year-old represents her sad experience with parental divorce. There are several poignant elements. Left side: she is kneeling on the stars crying large blue tears falling beneath her as she overhears the mean words her parents are speaking. The mean face in black indicates anger. Right side: A heart is crossed out with a thick black line. Are these parents aware of how their fighting is impacting this girl? Parental conflict is confusing to the child. This artwork reveals how parental conflict is confusing to the child. 

“In the thought balloon she cries “Shutup! Quit fighting!” The crossed-out heart represents the loss of love in her world, with her family’s conflict feeling like a new World War. The purple writing says, “There’s always two sides of a story!” revealing that this child feels like she has to be the mediator when her parents fight.”

#528, WW III

From Divorce Resolutions, Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation, located in Boulder Colorado.




Artwork by a 10-year-old boy reveals the confusion he is experiencing with parental divorce. The definitive line separating the parents indicate how he feels forced to make a decision, thus the fork in the road. Who does he choose?  Mom or dad? A tough decision for a child to make. This child is pointing at dad.  What does this mean? The words of the child show the emotional pain he is experiencing: “This is what divorce sometimes seems like to me. Sometimes I am on the road I don’t want to be on. Sometimes I can’t decide which road to go on. At times, I get confused!”

#527, Crossroads

From Divorce Resolutions, Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation, located in Boulder Colorado.

Words of Encouragement


A message for all parents!  Kentucky Fathers (Facebook page) shares words of encouragement.  Notably, this message is for both mothers and fathers. Creating awareness and educating the public is key. In divorce and custody, BOTH parents should be included.


“Open letter to alienated fathers…Guys, our children need us. I could care less what the feminist, the idiot family court judges, unethical family court attorneys argue…our children need us! Never, never, never give up the struggle against parental alienation. There is more than one way to battle parental alienation and to re-connect with your children: use social media, reach out to her friends and their parents, school officials, teachers, Sunday school teachers, etc. Educate them about parental alienation, never, never, never criticize the mother, and stay 100% focused on your relationship with your children!”

#526, Words of Encouragement

Reality of Narcissistic Tendencies


A parent with narcissistic tendencies is unable to put the needs of the child before their own. This is confusing to the child.  This creates a dynamic with the child  putting their own needs and wants aside in order to focus on their parent.

#523, Reality of Narcissistic Tendencies

Parental Conflict!


One picture is worth a thousand words!  Or, perhaps go with the phrase ‘silence is golden’. What are these parents arguing about-in front of their children? Is this a conversation for behind closed doors? Research is conclusive revealing the damage of parental conflict. Will these parents stop fighting and realize the impact this has on their children? Divorce is between the parents and about the child!

#524, Parental Conflict