My Family Christmas Letter


One father shares the heartache in what appears to be an unexpected divorce.  Seemingly, the reality of one parent moving out is revealed in his son’s school performance.  The frustration of this father may be exacerbated because in the previous year this family sent a Christmas letter  sharing the amazing news of their sons full ride scholarship to college.  Divorce can change things-and not necessarily for the better.

Regrets Christmas letter

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Always in our hearts


Grandparents play a special role in a child’s life.  This grandparent shares the love for her grandchild  and the heartache of no contact their special little one.  The caption is very true: What better way to love a child than surrounding them with the love and adoration of many family members.  No one could ever have too much love!!!


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I have grandparents?


Grandparent alienation syndrome describes a scenario in which a child is programmed to reject a grandparent. This programming can be carried out by either parent or by a family member. This post shares the outcome. Extended family members play an important role in a grandchild’s life.


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Hate Male


Are we sending the wrong message to males? Children who grow up without the love and care of their father may be inclined to create their family on the streets, in a gang. Categorizing males as irresponsible and reducing fathers to paychecks is inaccurate and unfair.  Sending a message of love and not hate is critical for future generations.


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Impact on child/Reality of divorce

I miss my daddy, divorce stinks


A vivid portrayal of the parent/child relationship for one artist. Notice how there is a person peering out the window; who might that be.   The ball seems to have a happy face albeit looking down in what appears to be a puddle (of tears?) possibly.  The part that stands out the most is the look of utter sadness on this child’s face. Interestingly, the mothers hands are reaching out to her child, yet, the hand on the right seems somewhat distorted.  Does this mean the child does experience the touch as the mother intended or is the child missing her daddy so much that nothing else can offer comfort to her.  A poignant moment of emotions for this artist.


#429, I miss my daddy, divorce stinks

Impact on child/Impact on child/Reality of divorce



One picture is worth a thousand words.  Crossing out a family member in a picture is revealing.  In essence, that person played an important role in their life enough to be represented and X’d out. This is  heartbreaking portrayal of family for one artist. This artist displays the unfortunate reality of divorce for too many children-losing contact with one parent. Parents agreeing to share joint physical custody means that both parents spend significant or equal amounts of time with the child.  This is truly what is  in the ‘best interest of the child.’

Divorce is between the parents-ABOUT THE CHILD!


Deviant art elimination_by_rainbowmonkey906-d3aue6m

#428, Elimination

Deviant art: Rainbowmonkey906



This artwork represents her emotions and having a  difficult time adjusting to parental divorce.  Notably, after several years she decided to lived with her father again.  This picture demonstrates the complexity of emotions the child, too often, is forced to deal with due to divorce.  This picture, by the name alone indicates sadness.  The large tear filled eyes is very revealing.  The down-turned mouth   affirms heartache and loss.  The reality of divorce for some individuals is beautifully executed in this pic.  This exposed the emotional aspect of utter sadness.   One can only hope that things improve between her parents and for this artist. 

Clearly, the emotional reflection of this art brings to light the impact of divorce on the child.  A job well done!

The artist shares: “I’ve been (and still am) struggling with depression these last months.  My parents got divorced about nine years ago and I had to go live with my mother and her new boyfriend. It was hard to let go of my father since I’d only see him during weekends and vacations. This event was really hard to process for my little sister though. We both hate changes and it’s one of our biggest fears.

The first weeks of living with my mom and her boyfriend weren’t that bad but my father was still left alone, which was really sad. I felt so bad for him. But not many weeks later he brought a strange woman with him when he came to pick us up; his new girlfriend. I guess it kinda hurt my (then eight year old) feelings that both my parents had moved on so quickly after loving eachother for over twelve years.”

Deviant art tears_by_hinagiku_shirabe-dadjrj6

#427, Tears

Deviant Art, Tears by Hinagiku-Shirabe

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