An emotionally captivating expression of divorce. This child seems stuck in the middle in what was once his home. Two individuals/parents(?)are  unraveling the home life of this child. This boy appears terribly distraught; crouched and hiding his face. Do these parents have any idea what they are doing to their child? A a most bewildering depiction of divorce.

#474, Unraveled


Sad Girl


From the mouths of the babes! This 9 year-old draws a pic of divorce. For this child divorce makes her feel ‘sad’ + Embarrassed + Confused. The large tears and sad eyes support the feelings of utter discord.  An unhappy frown in red completes the pic. Are the parents of this little girl aware of the sadness their child is experiencing? I hope someone talks to her about what is happening.

#473, Sad Child


Missing Out: First Day of School


Missing out on the milestone event of the first day of school and school pics. This father beautifully captures the essence of of the excluded parent. Seeing a child off for their first day of school each year is a right of passage! Sadly, their co-parent precludes this from happening.  While, yes, the mother is able to keep the dad away from this momentous occasion-the child is also robbed of a meaningful experience.  I wonder, do the parents who engage in the abusive behaviors think about the impact on the child?  Seemingly, this is a rhetorical question.  The behaviors are done “to” the co-parent.  No one is even thinking about the child!  Herein lies the dilemma.

My daughters first day of school pic m


The Singapore Fathers’ Rights Movement

Link to FB page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Singapore-Fathers-Rights-Movement-165037670497751/

# 324, Missing Out: First Day of School

Spent College $ on Legal Fees


How true this is. The Family Court system is a multi billion-dollar business.  Too many parents liquidate accounts, sell their home and use savings account to fight the battle in the Family Court system. All of this money is spent in order to try and have a relationship with their child or to inhibit the parent-child relationship. Clearly, this money could be better spent on the child!

#472, Spent College $ on Legal Fees

Shared on TimeToPutKidsFirst, Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/timetoputkidsfirst/

I Hate When They Separate


A heart wrenching depiction of divorce by one child. The most prominent part is the jagged edge splitting the heart in two. Dad is on one side and mom on the other. Interestingly, dad is in black and white while mom is quite colorful, dressed in a floral dress and blonde hair. Neither parent is smiling. How sad for this child. I hope the parents realize how their child is impacted by the separation and make efforts to comfort their little one. Divorce is especially hard on young children.

#471, I Hate When They Separate

Obligation to Child


Excellent message! Divorce/separation has a tendency to turn everything upside down for everyone. Spending time with both parents is important. Putting the child at the forefront of all decisions helps make the transitions easier and reduces anxiety for everyone.

#470, Obligation to Child

A Good Father


FATHERLESSNESS is related to almost every societal problem that adolescents face.  Effects of fatherless homes runs rampant impacting future generations. RESEARCH is consistent.  A loving and nurturing father improves outcomes for children and families.

#469, A Good Father