Daughter:Knows Father Cared

An emotional story of an adult child of divorce as she shares the experience of how her mom  smeared the character of her father and filed fraudulent documents in effort to ‘win’ in family court. This scenario shows there are NO winners when one parent attempts to keep the child from another parent. All parties lose-Every- Single-Time.

Divorce is between the parents-About the child!

In all my memories I can honestly say that NO ONE other than dad truly cared about me, or what was in my best interest. Even though my mom alienated us from him. smeared his character in the courts perspective and filed such fraudulent documents against him my dad never once spoke ill about my mom to me.

Instead he always said ‘she wasn’t always like that’ when I tried to talk to him about what she had done. My mom may of felt she was ‘winning’ in court but she loses in the long run as I still want nothing to do with her. In my opinion everyone loses in this case!

The courts allowed her to lie like this, which lead to my dad being mis-labeled as mentally ill. It was lies like this that has lead me to not want anything to do with her! Still to this day she will not admit to any of it, still blames everyone else!


#543, Daughter:Knows Father Cared

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