Broken Family


Tears and sadness! The question: “Does love still exist?” An emotional moment for this artist. This child appears very sad. Clinging to her bear for comfort.  Even the bear looks forlorn and lost. Meanwhile, parents are close by. Mom has tears. Both parents seem to be taking a firm stand on whatever position they deem  is more important than their daughter. Notably, this artist questions the existence of LOVE.  Undoubtedly, this will impact all future relationships. This is a common legacy of parental conflict.

The artists comments: “This is one thing that makes me think Love doesnt exist…Broken Families! I hate it when the couple fights for nothing….its like, first it was just a small thing and one of them will make the situation bigger…and after that they’ll plan a divorce! Cmon! Besides thinking about themselves….they must also think about they’re kids’ future! Its possible that they’re kids are also gonna experience broken marriage when they grow up…they’re future may reflect from the past!”

Deviant art broken_family____by_tazusajoe37


Deviant Art.  Broken Family by tazusajoe37

# 335, Broken Family




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