Child of a Broken Family


This artist shares her feelings of relief when her parent’s divorce.  She comments that this poem is: “Pretty much what I remember feeling as a child of two parents who were constantly fighting. I was relieved when they finally split up, even if it meant that my parents wouldn’t be together, at least the fighting would stop, for the most part at least. The perspective of this poem is kind of weird, but I like it.”


Run away,
From their hate,
And their shouts.
Don’t look back,
Just keep on walking.
Breathe in,
Breathe out.
Just a few more steps.
Sink down with relief,
On the cool dirt floor.
Focus on the hands laying there,
Blocked out by the trees,
And the tall-growing weeds,
The small body is hidden,
From unwanted eyes.
Breathe in,
Breathe out.
Block out their yells.
Retreat to the land,
Of pixies and magic,
Where no grownups,
Spoil all the fun.
In this land,
All it takes,
Is faith,
And pixie dust,
To fly away,
Far away,
From all of these problems,
And worries,
And pains.
If only it were really that simple.
A simple call,
Brings reality spiraling back.
A name called through a window,
Her name.
She pulls her small body up,
Drags her weary feet,
Slowly, ever so slowly,
Through the un-mowed grass,
Across the lawn,
And up the steep back steps.
She steps into the open doorway,
Once again swallowed up,
By the terrors and torments,
Of a broken family.



Deviant Art.  A poem, Child of a Broken Family by Cassie 21.

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#104, Child of a Broken Family

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