Artwork from a 12-year-old represents her sad experience with parental divorce. There are several poignant elements. Left side: she is kneeling on the stars crying large blue tears falling beneath her as she overhears the mean words her parents are speaking. The mean face in black indicates anger. Right side: A heart is crossed out with a thick black line. Are these parents aware of how their fighting is impacting this girl? Parental conflict is confusing to the child. This artwork reveals how parental conflict is confusing to the child. 

“In the thought balloon she cries “Shutup! Quit fighting!” The crossed-out heart represents the loss of love in her world, with her family’s conflict feeling like a new World War. The purple writing says, “There’s always two sides of a story!” revealing that this child feels like she has to be the mediator when her parents fight.”

#528, WW III

From Divorce Resolutions, Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation, located in Boulder Colorado.


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