‘Holidays are Ruined’


An adult child of divorce (ADOC) comments on a post about the holidays.  Holidays are a time for family.  For some,  this becomes  a time of choosing.  A difficult decision for anyone to make. Two maternal divorces complicate the matter even more. Who should the ADOC spend time with?  How do they reconcile the feelings of guilt in trying to please everyone?  


Holidays were a horrid thing for me too! I completely agree! My mother divorced twice, so I felt all this pressure to see my dads family, my mother, and my step dads family too (because believe it or not, I feel closer to my step dad than either of my actual parents.)

Holidays are ruined; trying to visit everyone is stressful, tiresome, and down right emotionally exhausting. I always end up crying a lot, and my kids would be confused as to whose house we were at and what they were supposed to call all these people. Every single family member thinks they are entitled to have me drive to their home. No one comes to see me, however. And they all get mad if I go to another family members home! So you can’t win for losing! Which is why I stopped going completely. They seem to have nothing but a hot dose of guilt to give me anyway.


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