What, Your Parents Argue


A too common depiction of divorce from the child’s perspective.  How sad that the oldest child is put in a position to protect their younger siblings.  Knowing that ‘other’ parents argue may offer a little comfort.  This artist shares how they are the protector, yet, they too need comfort.  Regardless of the angle, observing and overhearing parental conflict is damaging to the child!

Is the artists’ title of Question 72 revealing more about the experiences of seeing their parents argue?  Is this just one of many questions this character is wondering about?  Perhaps the better question is:

Should a child need to ask questions about how their parents communicate?  Parents are a child’s first introduction to how relationships work?  If a child observes arguments of the two people they love and trust the most, what does that do to the child’s sense of self and sense of security?

Deviant Art What your p argue m


Deviant Art, Question 72, by ask-the-fazbear-kids.

Link to artwork: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Question-72-557025827

#295,  What, Your Parents Argue?

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