Everything is My Fault!


Many time, a child will think the divorce is their fault!  They will think about something they did wrong; acting out at school, poor grades, not doing tasks around the house ask.  They will ask :”What did I do?” “did I do something to make one parent go away? ”  Encourage your child to talk about their feelings.  Work together with your co-parent.  Divorce is between the parents-ABOUT THE CHILD!

Can we work it out?
Can we be a family?
I promise I’ll be better.
Daddy, please don’t leave…–P!nk

A heart-wrenching depiction of divorce!

Deviant Art Everythigs been my fault dlover_the_garden_wall_family_portrait_by_amx_269-d88486m

Over the Garden Wall (c) Pat McHale

Deviant Art.  Over the Garden Wall by AMX-269


#287, Everything is My Fault

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