Worth the Struggles


Perfectly said!  Is fighting for your child worth the effort?  YES!!!!!  Each parent has unique traits and skills to offer their child.   Each parent has a right to spend time with their child and to parent their child.  The better question is WHY do parents need to go to court to fight for their parental rights.  Divorce is between the parents and ABOUT THE CHILD!!!!  LOVE WINS!!!   LOVE WINS!!! 


So I’m kicking back on my family holiday, away from all the problems back home. Spending real family time together and getting to know my child, more than I ever did before. His snoring keeps me awake at night, so I stand on the balcony. I stop and think, was the disputes and courts necessary? Was all the money worth my final outcome? Will things get better in the future? It’s a lot to think and worry about. Then I look backs into the room and there he is smiling while sleeping. I smile, because all my question were answered! Damn right it was worth it because I love him and I know he needs me too. Who’s going to show him how to be a man if daddy isn’t there? I’m sure mummy can’t do that, no offence. We are different genders and have different roles for a reason don’t we?


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#288, Worth the Struggles

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