Love Like in a Fairytale??

Artist shares their experience with divorce:  “Divorce somehow pulls the rug out from under me – like in my drawing (the heart becomes black and breaks and the black from the heart, flows into the child), and from both sides dark thoughts about love and the other sex reached me – like in my drawing (the black from the parents hands which hold the child´s hands flows into the child), before I was full of dreams – dreams like fairytales – (in the drawing the colours in the child). And that the child is broken is a symbol for the break-up of the child´s world, but also a little critic to all divorced parents: Divorce destroys always a bit of a child and often the parents fight to have the child, but without regard to the child itself!”

Deviant art  rainbow love_like_in_a_fairytale___by_suninthedark-d6gq5bd


Deviant Art.  Love Like in a Fairtale??, by suninthedark.

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#237, Love Like in a Fairytale??

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