I miss my daddy, divorce stinks


A vivid portrayal of the parent/child relationship for one artist. Notice how there is a person peering out the window; who might that be.   The ball seems to have a happy face albeit looking down in what appears to be a puddle (of tears?) possibly.  The part that stands out the most is the look of utter sadness on this child’s face. Interestingly, the mothers hands are reaching out to her child, yet, the hand on the right seems somewhat distorted.  Does this mean the child does experience the touch as the mother intended or is the child missing her daddy so much that nothing else can offer comfort to her.  A poignant moment of emotions for this artist.


#429, I miss my daddy, divorce stinks


Impact on child/Impact on child/Reality of divorce

Non-existent Scars


This amazing artist illustrates her thoughts in a captivating way “…my parents have been arguing for hours, and they’ve seemed to ignore me fully…but what I have been hearing is making me feel overwhelmed.  I have asked my parents what is wrong and what they are arguing about, but I get no answer, I just get ignored.

I honestly think this is serious because “divorce” has been brought up. Who do I go to now?

It’s like I don’t exist to my family anymore, or they have no use for me to be around them.”

What does this artist do?  Parental conflict is difficult to hear and watch. Thankfully, art is a constructive way for her to share her feelings and thoughts.  I hope her parents are able to explain things to her.  Sometimes, knowing what is happening helps relieve the anxiety.  



Deviant Art Nonexistent scars m

#426, Non-existent Scars

Deviant Art, Nonexistent Scars by Loveheart14679, miamoosy67@gmail.com

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STOP Fighting


The artist portrays the child as a lost and forlorn little boy. Drawing a heart in the sand! His pants have a hole and jacket is too large.  Perhaps, revealing how no one is paying attention to the care of this young one.   

Deviant Art happiness if short ihp_seashell_by_koenta


#331, STOP Fighting



Family Fight


This is what one artist remembers about childhood!  Parents fighting,quite violently while the child watches from the balcony in their home.  Child looks scared and is frowning, holding tight to the balustrade while observing the two people they love the most FIGHTING!  The most striking feature of the parents’  conflict is the appearance of red marks, blood perhaps.  The dad seems to appear as a wolf. Words appearing out of his mouth attacking mom.  Hands outstretched to hit the mom.  Mom has no facial features, and is turned away.  She does not seem to defend herself.  There does seem to be the appearance of wings on the mom; representing her innocence in the conflict (?).  

Regardless of the representing features, this picture is a painful reminder of what too many children experience.  

A child watching their parents fight is confusing and promotes a sense of emotional turmoil and insecurity.

Deviant Art chinelle family_fight_by_avidlebon


Deviant Art, Family Fight

Link to artwork: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Chinelle-Family-Fight-153997945

#325, Family Fight

The Dance of Divorce


A perfect depiction of divorce for some children!  The child is standing in the center with one parent and sibling on each side.  Who do I choose?  Mommy or daddy?  Either way, everyone seems to be walking away from this child.  He is in the spotlight-yet no one is watching.

Deviant Art The dance of divorce m


Deviant Art, The Dance of Divorce

#322, The Dance of Divorce

Stop Fighting


Parental conflict can be upsetting to children and adolescents.  This artist portrays this young girl as being in emotional pain while listening to her parents fight.  Resolving to have an amicable relationship with your co-parent is a huge gift to offer your child.  Remove the burden of emotional conflict from your child’s world.  

Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.  A child learns about relationships by watching their parents!

Deviant Ar Eyes dlfamily_portrait_by_gray_wolf_eyes


Deviant Art, Family Portrait by gray-wolf-eyes

314, Stop Fighting




Divorce and a Child’s Toy Box


Expressions of divorce through the analogy of toys and family members.   The description of each sibling is heart wrenching. Divorce can create feelings of abandonment and loneliness.   Each line of this poem alludes to the horrible impact divorce can have on a child.  


My family is like a child’s toybox
My stepfather is a toy soldier,
strong, yet sentimental when needed.
My mother is the building blocks,
ready to tumble at any moment.
My little brother is a top,
moving quickly, stopping slowly.
My little sister is the toy that never gets played with,
being ignored and doesn’t say much.
And I; I am the bouncy ball being bounced between all these emotions
of a divorce…


#309, Divorce and a Child’s Toy Box