Who Are You?


This artwork speaks to the importance of how parents interact in front of the child. Comments about one parent do impact the child. An important point to share is parental conflict could be handled in private. A parent could make comments on their co-parent to adult friends and relatives. Hopefully, the parents will reach out to their artist and talk about what is happening.  Divorce is between the parents and about the child!

Child pic Who are you lg m

Officially Divorced

A scribe in the center indicates this is a different time period.  Is this father holding the papers making the separation legal? Or, why are his children being separated from him?  Closed eyes and hand on his heart show the separation may not be his idea.  One child is looking to their father.  Children being separated from a parent is a devastating event regardless of the time period.

#561, Officially Divorced

Family Values


Artwork and a poem reveal the thoughts of an artist a family separation.  This artist shares the emotional aspects of being a member of a family of divorce. Even more intriguing, she conveys feelings of love and loss and the parent-child bond.  The last two lines describe the significance of the separation process.  Will someone be reaching out to her?

Acidic words burn like fire, as angry yells shatter and tear
Children hide in a corner with fear, clutching a tattered teddy bear
No alcohol or drugs flow in this house; bitter substances aren’t the poison here
Only the lack of love and personal caring, are the causes of these endless salty tears
A value can not be placed upon love, nor the loss measured when there’s none
The damage here is impossible to calculate, because a father doesn’t love his only son
To many mothers a daughter brings joy, but here the two can’t share a smile
Two siblings wage war upon each other, while their parents await a divorce court trial
Twenty years ago, this would seem dramatic, now the situation goes on next door
The degrading of the global family unit is so common people don’t see it anymore.
#462, Family Values
Poem: l-piroko-l Deviant Art 
Artwork: Dragon Queen, l-piroko-l Deviant Art 

Split Family



This artist shares a common theme of  how everything changes in divorce. Artist states: “One nasty divorce later, and the identical twins are wishing their parents were totally different. Because they love each other! But now they have different last names, homes, and parental units. Together and apart at the same time!”


Deviant Art Split Family fred_and_family__2039_by_unsinkable_spirit


#454, Split Family

Deviant Art Split Family y unsinkable-spirit

Saying Goodbye


An emotional representation of divorce.  The father appears desolate and sad. He is  clutching his heart which seems to be ripped out of his physical body. Is his child standing before him, reaching up to daddy with a teddy bear in hand, before leaving with mom?  Mom has no facial features and seems confident, with long, flowing hair and dress appearing to meld within the scenery.  She is going in a different direction; her hair runs under a dark cloud touching the fathers’ head. Is this dad being left on the wayside? When will this father see his child next? More importantly, will this child have the opportunity to enjoy a loving relationship their father?

Artwork dad child bear flowing dress m.

Edvard Munch, Maryville, TN

#250, Saying Goodbye


I miss my daddy, divorce stinks


A vivid portrayal of the parent/child relationship for one artist. Notice how a person is peering out the window; who might that be.   The ball seems to have a happy face, albeit looking down in what appears to be a puddle (of tears?) possibly.  The part that stands out the most is the look of utter sadness on this child’s face. Interestingly, the mothers’ hands reach out to her child, yet, the hand on the right seems somewhat distorted.  Does this mean the child does experience the touch as the mother intended, or is missing her daddy so much that nothing else can offer comfort to her?  A poignant moment of emotions for this artist.


#429, I miss my daddy, divorce stinks


Impact on child/Impact on child/Reality of divorce

STOP Fighting


The artist portrays the child as a lost and sad little boy drawing a heart in the sand. His pants have a hole, and the jacket is too large.  Does the clothing mean the child is wearing adult size cloth and dealing with adult matters? An obvious assessment is how no one is paying attention to the care of this young one.   

Deviant Art happiness if short ihp_seashell_by_koenta


#331, STOP Fighting



Stop Fighting


Understandably, parental conflict may be upsetting to children and adolescents.  This artist portrays this young girl as being in emotional pain while listening to her parents fight.  Striving for an amicable relationship with your co-parent is a huge gift to offer your child.  

Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.  A child learns about relationships by watching their parents! What is this child learning about communicating with family members?

Deviant Ar Eyes dlfamily_portrait_by_gray_wolf_eyes


Deviant Art, Family Portrait by gray-wolf-eyes

314, Stop Fighting





Divorce and a Child’s Toy Box


Expressions of divorce through the analogy of toys and family members.   The description of each sibling is heart wrenching. Divorce can create feelings of abandonment and loneliness.   Each line of this poem alludes to the horrible impact divorce can have on a child.  


My family is like a child’s toybox
My stepfather is a toy soldier,
strong, yet sentimental when needed.
My mother is the building blocks,
ready to tumble at any moment.
My little brother is a top,
moving quickly, stopping slowly.
My little sister is the toy that never gets played with,
being ignored and doesn’t say much.
And I; I am the bouncy ball being bounced between all these emotions
of a divorce…


#309, Divorce and a Child’s Toy Box


Please STOP!



A theme of childhood abandonment!  A child trying desperately to mask the fighting of her parents!  A sad reality for some children.  Parents are really fighting, pointing fingers, mouth is open …..  Parental conflict creates insecurity and confusion for the child.  Watching the two people they love and trust-fighting!

Deviant art Please stop m


Deviant Art: Please STOP by shopstalknroll

Link to artwork: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Please-STOP-97112089

#304, Please STOP

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