No More Fighting


Horrific awakening!


All parents fight in front of their children.  To say my divorce was less than ideal is an understatement!  After we decided to divorce, I admit that we fought in front of our children.  We didn’t just fight in our two children’s presence.  We fought VERY badly.  I never realized how terribly we talked to each other until one day.  On a beautiful peaceful afternoon, our youngest was playing with her dolls in her room and when all of a sudden I heard her screaming.  At the top of her lungs.!  In the few seconds that it took as I rushed to her room, I tried to figure out who she was talking to because we were in the house alone.  The words she was saying were terrible. Very terrible!  All of  a sudden it hit me!  Like a ton of bricks!  Like I had been sucker punched in the stomach!  The words she was saying were the words my ex and I exchanged the night before.   My heart stopped!   My dear sweet absolute angel daughter was talking like the devil. She was just repeating the words she had overheard when me and my ex were fighting.

I realized then that things need to change.  That I need to change.

God is good!  There came a window of opportunity and I was able to have a heart to heart talk with my ex.  He agreed that we could not have our 4 year-old fighting like someone who is possessed by the devil.  Even though we are unable to live together, one thing is true.  We love our children!  A lot!

Things are still not perfect with my ex.  We still disagree. But….we have agreed to disagree.  Miracle of miracles, we have been able to have a friendly relationship.  For four years now.  Our children come first.

That event-hearing my daughter speak like the devil himself changed my life.  I will NEVER feel like that again.



#145,  No More Fighting

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