Something Yearned For


This artist depicts how divorce changes things for the child!  The changes for the child of divorced parents can be difficult to tolerate.  The abandoned feeling, the fear and anger that only a child of divorce can understand are ever present in this artwork.

Note: The letter stating I Love My Family, with the word family crossed out.  

The family and trees drawn sideways indicating everything is different, not what she experienced prior to the divorce.  

The hands reaching up toward her.

The small red heart that is partially faded.

The sun rays are missing on the side of the child indicating the darkness she may be experiencing since the divorce. 

This is a very realistic and revealing portrayal of divorce from the child’s perspective!


Deviant art Divorce changes things m




Deviant Art, Something Yearned For, by haruyuuma.

Link to artwork:

#186  . Something Yearned For

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