Family Fight


This is what one artist remembers about childhood!  Parents fighting,quite violently while the child watches from the balcony in their home.  Child looks scared and is frowning, holding tight to the balustrade while observing the two people they love the most FIGHTING!  The most striking feature of the parents’  conflict is the appearance of red marks, blood perhaps.  The dad seems to appear as a wolf. Words appearing out of his mouth attacking mom.  Hands outstretched to hit the mom.  Mom has no facial features, and is turned away.  She does not seem to defend herself.  There does seem to be the appearance of wings on the mom; representing her innocence in the conflict (?).  

Regardless of the representing features, this picture is a painful reminder of what too many children experience.  

A child watching their parents fight is confusing and promotes a sense of emotional turmoil and insecurity.

Deviant Art chinelle family_fight_by_avidlebon


Deviant Art, Family Fight

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#325, Family Fight