Pre-Divorce Counseling Advice


A pre-divorce group counseling session offered guiding words for this parent. 

My ex wife and I attended a pre-divorce group counseling session required by the judge. One quote really hit the nail on the head for me, “Most children of divorced parents are damaged, maybe 90%. The other 10% grow stronger from the experience.”

So I ask, which side of that coin do you want your children to be on: 90/10, damaged/strong?

Divorce is an emotional storm.

Divorce and kids can often be a messy combination. The judge’s statement, and the 90/10 statements, can help you go through this journey with integrity. Remember them often.

Act badly and your children will be damaged. Act with integrity and your children will grow strong.




Cliff Thomas shares the quote from Minnesota Judge Issues 200 Blunt Words to Divorcing Parents

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