Symbolism of Divorce


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Statements in bold by Shared Parenting Confessional.

The gray woman on the far right. She can represent the girlfriend/parent/best friend/whatever-you-want-to-call-it on one of the parents side. This person is firm in what she believes in, she’s set in stone in what she believes, thus the reason why she’s gray.

However, her ear is only half the size it should be, and she’s missing the pupil in her eye to show that she only gets half of the story.

The parents. Each parent is wearing ear plugs and blindfolds, showing that they are oblivious to anything else except for what they believe is their right and what is for their benefit.

The fact that they both eventually turn into trees show that they are firmly rooted that what they say about the divorce is right.
The colors represent two things: anger and having a hard heart. So often, the parents are angry at each other, pointing fingers at one another, while showing no compassion for someone they once loved.
The vines on them represent communication, and the leaves represent each lie, each nasty comment said about each other. The fact that each adult has a leaf of the other spouse shows that they were married.

The mom is placed a little higher than the father, representing custody, and how a parent can have the upper hand on persuading a child against her other parent.

Now, for the little girl. She is wearing white to show that she is still an innocent child, that she has done nothing wrong.

Her eyes are covered, while her mouth is open wide in scream, symbolizing that the child shouldn’t just be another item for the parents; that she needs to be heard, not seen.

The bandage on her head represents the emotional/mental trauma a child suffers when the parents divorce.

The girl is wearing ballet slippers, but they are bound with bandages. So often, a childs’ hopes and dreams are affected because of the divorce.
Lastly, the vines and leaves that wrap around her show that she is surrounded by her parents lies and harsh words towards the other parent.

I hate it when divorced people put their child in the middle of the situation. It can truly cause emotional and mental damage to the child. Nor is it fair to the child simply because they are not the reason why the parents are now divorced. But because of our stubborn trait, we sometimes unknowingly put the child smack dab in the middle of the battlefield.

Please, protect the children that are going through divorce, that they might not suffer an abuse that is too often over-looked.


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Deviant Art deviant art divorce_by_strong_forever, by Strong Forever.

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#174, Symbolism of Divorce

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