This talented artist presents her perception of parental divorce. The fragmentation of the child adds to the drama of how divorce impacts the child. Facial features are mostly absent. Dad and child seem to be touching hands and mom looks like she is reaching out. The contrast of white against the background adds to the overall impact of the artwork. 

The artist provides a detailed description of her work: “Portraits aren’t always perfect. Families aren’t always perfect. In this piece titled Dysfunctional, it portrays the very real reality of a family that’s broken. The child is the focus of it and the reds and oranges are supposed to be a “fiery” vivid and attraction. The colors around the white paper are giving continuity and putting emphasizes on the child because children are the most affected in a divorce or dysfunctional family settings.”  Well said artist.

#485  Dysfunctional

Deviant Art,amber61pop 



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