Myth of Divorce


An adult child of divorce shares the devastation of divorce in their childhood and own marriage.  This confession reveals how divorce is not the way to solve all your problems.  


My parents divorced when I was 9…

…and proceeded to continue to fight with one another for my entire childhood and into my adult life.

My own marriage also ended in divorce, and yet the conflict has continued for the past 12 years and is likely to continue at least until the youngest child is out of college.

And then, even when the overt conflict has ceased, the negative impact of divorce remains.

My experiences demonstrate that divorce, billed as a way to solve all your problems, merely exchanges one set of horrible problems for a completely different but equally horrible set of problems.

Note that I’m not referring to divorces that were done in order to end violent, abusive marriages, or marriages that were unsafe or damaging. Obviously, divorce in those situations may be the lesser of two evils. I’m referring to the vast majority of divorces that are done for lesser reasons.

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