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Why create a confessional?


This site is created to help parents who have or are experiencing divorce and for those parents that a parenting plan in place for their child/children. The driving force for this site is to help parents understand the impact that divorce has on a child.

We learn from others experiences and situations. Perhaps in reading these scenarios, co-parents can identify with issues they are also experiencing and see how some actions can have long-term negative effects and cause pain for a person. Or, by reading these stories co-parents can see that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings surrounding their divorce and co-parenting relationship.


The concept of shared parenting and child custody in divorce situations is a fascinating topic!   When I began researching this topic, the first article I found was titled  “Post divorce living arrangements, parent conflict, and long-term physical health correlates for children of divorce.”  In summary, the results indicated the importance of the child maintaining a relationship with the father during and after the divorce within the midst of parental conflict.  Upon reading this article two thoughts came to mind.  One, they need a study to establish the fact that a father is important in a child’s life?  And two, this is an area that needs help, desperately! 

Thankfully, the concept of the father/child relationship has become a topic of concern.  In May of 2014, Focus on the Family released “Irreplaceable”, a movie that presents the astounding facts on children who do not have a strong father figure in their life.   In addition, grants and funds have been allotted to this  area with the goal to promote how paramount the father is in a child’s life.

Every child has a right to be raised by loving and caring parent(s)!   Period!!!!   Shared parenting is a concept deserving of attention.  This site is my contribution to help parents facilitate an environment that provides for the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of their child with the goal to raise a happy and  emotionally secure child.

Each idea, statement or comment made by this author, or via the submissions, in someway leads to the quintessential point, to do what is best for the child!!!!

Ruth A. Nichols, M.A., M.A., CFLE, p (Certified Family Life Educator)


The invitation to participate is extended to:

  • Parents who are divorced or in the process of divorce

  • Parents and co-parents (never married) who have children

  • Parents who have or do not have a parenting plan in place

  • Family members of co-parents who would like to share their observation

Guidelines for Submitting

Suggested rules for submissions:

1.  Please refrain from using identifying information such as name or address of an individual or company, schools or professional services used by you, your co-parent or child.

2.  Consider signing as a name associated with your story and general living area.  
For example: a story involving a parent who is angry about a situation could sign as “an angry parent in Southern California”.

3.  Consider using your child’s initials, middle initial or second letter of their first name.

Using creativity license  is encouraged; however, please refrain from using licensed materials with a copyright.

5.  Submissions will be reviewed prior to posting.  This site reserves the right to change or exclude identifying information.

6.  All submissions will remain confidential!

7.  All submissions will remain the property of SharedParentingConfessional.com.  If you choose to maintain  full control over your scenario please refrain from submitting anything to this site.

8.  Please see disclosure before emailing or mailing a submission.


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