Breaking Family


A graphic depiction of parental conflict for one person. First section shows a happy family with a cheerful yellow  background.  Second section shows two parents fighting. Both parents appear mad, emphasized by the red background and black sharp edging above them. Three little ones are huddled together in the lower corner. Each with one single tear running down there cheek. Third section shows everyone is separate and turned away from each other. Both parents appear mad. Each child seems sad. The black background indicates gloom. How sad for this young artist. 

Section 1: “We were once a happy family. But the, there were fights, hate, sorrow and more if continued. ”

Section 2: “The fights continue til we all are broken and our family wasn’t a family anymore. “

Section 3: “Me and my two sisters suffered from their fights. Mom and dad both broken because neither would listen or understand.”

Deviant Art, breaking family by CandiceShadow

# 485, Breaking Family

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