Why Did You Leave Me?


A common theme in a divorce involves the child wishing their parents would reunite. Artwork and verbiage show the wishing may continue into adulthood.  They are seeing a parent develop a new relationship with a significant other presents the realization that their parents may not be  reuniting after all.  Divorce changes the family unit.  For some, the loss of their family and the emotions associated with the separation continue into adulthood. 

“I went to one of my dad’s parties, and I saw him kissing a woman.

Ah, the joys of having your parents be divorced.

Basically, anyway, I freaked out and started sobbing and wishing that my parents would get back together, even though they divorced when I was four.”

Deviant art why did you leave me i_miss_my_family_by_iwish909



















Deviant Art, I Miss My Family by iWish909

#342, Why Did You Leave Me?



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