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Confess your feelings of betrayal, fear, heartache or humiliation that you have experienced in your divorce or co-parenting situation.

Share a setting that you regret or a situation that may have caused anguish, misery or sorrow  for your co-parent.  Or, reveal actions that may have promoted emotional pain or unhappiness for your child.

Confessions are not limited to heartache only.  Please share heartwarming moments and happy experiences you have experienced in divorce and shared parenting too!  Perhaps, something your co-parent did or said that has enhanced your co-parenting relationship.  

Here is anopportunity to share the confessions about your divorce or co-parenting experiences. This can be something that you have told to family and friends or a private thought that has remained a secret…….until now. Focus on extreme moments of individual experiences.  

This is a place to confess what your co-parent did or said that led to your feelings of betrayal, fear or humiliation. Write about something that you enacted, a statement or a thought you expressed that caused grief for your co-parent, your child or yourself.  

We learn from others experiences and situations. Perhaps in reading these scenarios, co-parents can identify with issues they are also experiencing.   Hopefully,one can see how some actions can have long-term negative effects and cause pain for their co-parent or child!   Importantly, by reading these stories co-parents can see that they are not alone in the thoughts and feelings surrounding their divorce and co-parenting relationship.

Invitation is extended to:

  • Parents who are divorced or in the process of divorce.
  • Parents and co-parents (never married) who have children.
  • Parents who have or do not have a parenting plan in place.
  • Anyone interested in a front row seat to see the despair that divorce or co-parenting issues can have on a parent and how the actions impact the child.

I Hate Devorce


An emotional portrayal of parental ‘Devorce’. A red heart is at eye level. An adult(?) (or child?) is directing a very large knife to the ‘heart’ of the tree.  Is this one parent depicted as cutting the into the heart of the child? 

There are numerous jagged edges on the tree branches and leaves. Pointed branches and sharp edged leaves may be an indication of aggressiveness.  Is this the child artist demonstrating their hurt and pain by cutting away the heart? Undeniably, the title is quite revealing. 



#480, I Hate Devorce




PTSD is a mental health issues. Individuals with PTSD may continue to be anxious and depressed for long periods of time following the event. This is a serious and potentially debilitating condition that requires treatment. Please seek help when experiencing anxiety or depression.

#479, PTSD Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse, https://www.facebook.com/Narcissistic-and-Emotional-Abuse-308444339340514/

Are Family Members Cropable?


This reveals a common theme in divorce for too many parents. The inclusion of both parents  in children’s live is an undeniable necessity.   Somehow, many parents of custody/divorce have become ‘crop-able’ from family pictures and the the family unit. Children need and want to have a relationship with BOTH parents.  

Divorce is between the parents and about the child!

# 478, Are Family Members Cropable?

Divorce Makes Me Fee Sad


This drawing reveals the emotions of an 8-year old during  parental divorce. A sad face is quite prominent.  Seemingly, the self representation has shorter arms meaning the child may feel weak or ineffective. There are no hands, perhaps indicating a sense of insecurity and problems with either home or school. Because this is a picture of divorce, a likely assessment is the child is exposed to parental conflict. The presentation of heavy feet in this drawing may indicate the child is seeking security.   Divorce is especially difficult for children. I hope someone notices how this child is feeling and offers emotional support.  

#477, Divorce Makes Me Feel Sad

Two Sad Parents


A very sad picture. Each parent is in their own home looking out the window with unhappy facial expressions and large abundant tears. This child’s love is further separated as indicated in the broken heart with corresponding colors to the perspective house of each parent. Interestingly, the door way to each home is farthest from the child.  Does this mean the child does not want to enter either home? Does she feel welcome in both homes. From the child’s self portrait, she appears very sad with large eyes and downturned smile. Standing out the most is the umbrella; a symbol of protection. Her umbrella is held far out and offers no shelter at all. Are these parents aware of how their daughter feels? Do they know this young girl sees their sadness and feels torn between them? I hope someone helps this child in coping with the emotional turmoil reflected in her picture of divorce.

# 476, Two Sad Parents

Don’t Know Who to Choose


An happy face with blue tears streaming down is front and center on this artwork. A picture of a hand knocking on the door is added  competing the message of who to see. Is this child at the front door of mom or dad? This child is confused and is in an impossible position to win. When the child is forced to choose no one wins!  The ransom note style call for help completes this desperate and sad request.

#475, Don’t Know Who to Choose