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Stained glass 5 pt 11 inch no spaces

Confess your feelings of betrayal, fear, heartache or humiliation that you have experienced in your divorce or co-parenting situation.

Share a setting that you regret or a situation that may have caused anguish, misery or sorrow  for your co-parent.  Or, reveal actions that may have promoted emotional pain or unhappiness for your child.

Confessions are not limited to heartache only.  Please share heartwarming moments and happy experiences you have experienced in divorce and shared parenting too!  Perhaps, something your co-parent did or said that has enhanced your co-parenting relationship.  

Here is anopportunity to share the confessions about your divorce or co-parenting experiences. This can be something that you have told to family and friends or a private thought that has remained a secret…….until now. Focus on extreme moments of individual experiences.  

This is a place to confess what your co-parent did or said that led to your feelings of betrayal, fear or humiliation. Write about something that you enacted, a statement or a thought you expressed that caused grief for your co-parent, your child or yourself.  

We learn from others experiences and situations. Perhaps in reading these scenarios, co-parents can identify with issues they are also experiencing.   Hopefully,one can see how some actions can have long-term negative effects and cause pain for their co-parent or child!   Importantly, by reading these stories co-parents can see that they are not alone in the thoughts and feelings surrounding their divorce and co-parenting relationship.

Invitation is extended to:

  • Parents who are divorced or in the process of divorce.
  • Parents and co-parents (never married) who have children.
  • Parents who have or do not have a parenting plan in place.
  • Anyone interested in a front row seat to see the despair that divorce or co-parenting issues can have on a parent and how the actions impact the child.



If you are considering suicide as a solution to parental divorce or another family matter, PLEASE stop and seek help. There are many groups that offer emotional support.

USA: National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255USA

USA: 2-1-1 Offers free and low-cost services and resources

USA: Emergency services: 9-1-1

UK: Hopeline, 0800 068 4141

UK: Helpline, Helpline 0800 132 737

Nothing Matters


Divorce brings about many changes for everyone. This artist expresses devastating sadness due to the accompanying issues of parental divorce. No/minimal contact with one parent, no/minimal contact with a sibling, issues with step a family are common concerns impacting their daily lives. Some children and adolescents perceive the changes as devastating; with no hope for something better. 

NOTE: If you are considering suicide as a solution to parental divorce or another family  matter PLEASE stop and seek help. There are many groups that offer emotional support. 
USA: National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255USA 
USA: 2-1-1 Offers free and low-cost services and resources
USA: Emergency services: 9-1-1
UK: Hopeline, 0800 068 4141
UK: Helpline, Helpline 0800 132 737



#466, Nothing Matters? by Anonymous




Family Cut in Half


From the hands and minds of the babes. This young artist leaves little to the imagination with regard to what this artwork represents. A large knife, the full width of the paper, has chopped a family in half with what appears to be with one whack. Only one person seems to be smiling. Second person from knife handle seems to have their arms crossed and their head is smaller. This person is the shortest person and is not standing on the floor.  Note, feet on the ground indicate a child has positive self-esteem. The overall theme indicates major changes in the life of this family and for this child.

#467, Family Cut in Half




Coping with the change and emotional turmoil in parental divorce is hard. Are the parents aware of how their child feels? Sometimes, in divorce, parents are unable to focus on the the needs of their child. The ‘words’ to write ‘FINE” describe the emotions, feelings and experiences of too many children of divorce. Divorce is between the parents and (should be) about the child. 

# 465,  I’m FINE



I Still Love You



This artist shares her “parents are going threw a divorce right now” and “things are crazy”. and she is trying to deal with the emotional trauma of parental conflict. She declares continual love for her mother. This is the tragedy of divorce/separation for some adolescents and young adults. How sad this artist feels the need to express LOVE for her mother via artwork. 

#464, I Still Love Her

Deviant Art Wolforever22444

I Want to Talk to Our Son!


 This father follows the court ruling ‘allowing’ him to  call and talk to his son everyday. To no avail. Each day, his efforts to participate in his son’s life are ignored and overruled by the mother. This is the very sad and unfortunate reality for some parents. I hope this mother realizes soon how important this father is in their sons’ life. This is frustrating for the parent! AND, the child is DENIED the opportunity in having a relationship with his father.

#463, I Want to Talk to Our Son!

As shared on Parents Speak. Link to FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1401081233281549/