Well Treated Fathers


This mother shares the reality of shared parenting!  Put the child first!   She eloquently shares the emotional aspects of shared parenting-sharing holidays and life events with her co-parent.  Children need both parents in their lives.  If the child had two parents involved in their life before the divorce-the special bonding experiences should continue.

Divorce is between the parents and about the child! 



I am a mother of 4! Three boys with my ex husband and a daughter with my ex fiancé. Both dads have full open access to their children and are welcome to see them as much as they want. I invite them to everything they are doing and they overnights on weekends as often as possible. Was it extremely difficult the first time I had to send my babies off without me the first time? Yes. Did I cry on Halloween when their dad took them trick or treating instead of me last year? Yes. Did I see the inside the first time I handed my toddler over to step mom? D*** right!! But I did it anyway because dads are important. I couldn’t live without my daddy, so I sure am not going to take my kids dads away from them no matter why it didn’t work out.

The more ppl that love and support my children the better for them and as a mother that is all I can ask for! There is no other option that is valid. Mothers need to embrace the situation, let go of hurt and put their children first. And children need daddy time!!! Period. 
I have 4 happy, well adjusted children because they have happy, well treated fathers.


As shared The Father’s Rights Movement, August 8, 2015.

Link to FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Fathers4kids?fref=nf

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