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A Place for Poetry of the Personal!


A place to share your feelings and inner most thoughts about your co-parenting or custody matter.


Why create a place for poetry of the personal?


We learn from watching others.  Often times, we can easily trouble shoot problems others are experiencing.  We know how to respond to difficult situations.  The right thing to say or do comes easily. 

By reading stories about co-parents in similar situations we can identify with the scenarios. Perhaps, we may gain a sense of peace knowing we are not alone in our thoughts and experiences.

This is a place to confess discuss a scenario causing you anguish or heartache.  

Confessions are not limited to heartache only.  Please share heartwarming moments and happy experiences in parenting and coparenting. 

Sharing personal experiences and poetry of the heart can be life altering for someone in a similar scenario.


Invitation is extended to:

Parents who are divorced or in the process of divorce.

Parents and co-parents (never married) who have children.

Parents who have or do not have a parenting plan in place.

Anyone interested in a front row seat to see the despair that divorce or co-parenting issues can have on a parent and how the actions impact the child.

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