Guidelines to submit

Suggested rules for submissions:

1.  Please refrain from using identifying information such as name or address of an individual or company, schools or professional services used by you, your co-parent or child.

2.  Consider signing as a name associated with your story and general living area.  
For example: a story involving a parent who is angry about a situation could sign as “an angry parent in Southern California”.

3.  Consider using your child’s initials, middle initial or second letter of their first name.

Using creativity license  is encouraged; however, please refrain from using licensed materials with a copyright.

5.  Submissions will be reviewed prior to posting.  This site reserves the right to change or exclude identifying information.

6.  All submissions will remain confidential!

7.  All submissions will remain the property of  If you choose to maintain  full control over your scenario please refrain from submitting anything to this site.

8.  Please see disclosure before emailing or mailing a submission.