Divorce Ruined My Life


One parent shares how their family changed with divorce. 


My dreams for my family died with the divorce.  The home that was filled with great memories, birthday parties, holidays, our future as a family and growing old together are all gone. Our kids act like they are doing ok.   But our family is broken.  The foundation was ripped out from underneath them.  Divorce ruined my life and destroyed my family.

Steal photos from Facebook


Posted on Moms & Dads Against Parental Alienation  as shared from PostSecret January 12, 2015.  (Links below).

I steal my childrens photos m


Moms & dads against parental alienation facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomsAndDadsAgainstParentalAlienation

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Prefer my ex’s family


I can’t stand my ex.  But I really like his family.  Whenever there is a family function I hope he doesn’t show up so I can spend time talking with his parent’s and sisters without having to see him.

Civic duty

My wife and I were separated and she was going out with someone who I did NOT want around my children. I suspected he was involved in drugs.   I called an anonymous tip-line and reported him. He must have been involved in something because he was arrested and ended up in jail for several months because of a preexisting warrant. My wife and I have since reunited and she has no idea I turned him in and….never will.

Cell phone patrol

We had a rule in our home that cell phones are off limits during homework time. Cell phones were placed on the kitchen counter to charge. I confess that I put the phones on silent mode while they were studying to avoid them hearing the phone ring and risk them talking with their father. Before study time was up and they came to retrieve their phone, I took the phones off silent mode.  I feel bad now-but at the time I could justify it.

Cell phones charging m

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