Who is Missing?


A book cover reveals the sad reality of divorce. The most prominent feature of this picture is the outline of a father with a very sad face. Neither child is smiling. The only person who appears happy is mom. Curiously, her arm is around the ‘missing’ father. Children have right to have a relationship with both parents. If a child had two parents in their life before the divorce, then they should be able to enjoy both parents after the divorce.

Divorce is between the parents-about the child! LOVE WINS!

#445, Who is Missing?

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La Divorce



This artwork reveals the dichotomy of divorce.  A happy parent with a red purse holding her daughters hand (on the right side). This part includes a heart balloon, a stuffed polka-dot animal, a tall flower with a tiny ribbon collared dog leaping for joy.  The man in the middle is wearing a hat and has facial features. There is a wide smile shaped line extending past the outline on both sides. There appears to be a text bubble (?) in pink stemming from his hat.

On the left side this parent is looking down while walking. Her purse is now smaller and in black. Thee are no flowers, balloons or animals. There is a black heart with a black line. Notably, her shoes have an added outline which may be interpreted as something weighting her down. This time the mans face has no eyes or mouth. The possible text bubble is coming from where his mouth would be.

I wonder if many parents feel like this. Especially when there is parental conflict. Seemingly, a parent may be more accepting of a divorce if they know their child is happy and taken care of.


 #438, La Divorce

La Divorce by Sladjana Lazarevic

Not Such a Happy Family


This artwork captures the sentimental aspect of divorce. Each partner appears emotionally bewildered. Seemingly, they are sadly accepting their failed marriage.  The paper has the word Divorce and a red X for each signature capturing the reality and simplicity of ending a loving relationship by just signing the form. These characters truly present the emotional burden of divorce.  Divorce is difficult; the species matters not. 

Deviant Art not such a happy family 2016-12-11-at-7-23-19-pm


#436, Not such a happy family

Deviant Art: not such a happy family by mantislady



Hate Male


Are we sending the wrong message to males? Children who grow up without the love and care of their father may be inclined to create their family on the streets, in a gang. Categorizing males as irresponsible and reducing fathers to paychecks is inaccurate and unfair.  Sending a message of love and not hate is critical for future generations.


#430, Hate Male

Fathers-4-Justice FB

Impact on child/Reality of divorce

I miss my daddy, divorce stinks


A vivid portrayal of the parent/child relationship for one artist. Notice how there is a person peering out the window; who might that be.   The ball seems to have a happy face albeit looking down in what appears to be a puddle (of tears?) possibly.  The part that stands out the most is the look of utter sadness on this child’s face. Interestingly, the mothers hands are reaching out to her child, yet, the hand on the right seems somewhat distorted.  Does this mean the child does experience the touch as the mother intended or is the child missing her daddy so much that nothing else can offer comfort to her.  A poignant moment of emotions for this artist.


#429, I miss my daddy, divorce stinks


Impact on child/Impact on child/Reality of divorce



One picture is worth a thousand words.  Crossing out a family member is revealing.  That person played an important role in their life, enough to be included in a family portrait.  And, now is removed.  Divorce is between the parents and should be about the child.


Deviant art elimination_by_rainbowmonkey906-d3aue6m

#428, Elimination

Deviant art: Rainbowmonkey906



This artwork represents her emotions and having a  difficult time adjusting to parental divorce.  Notably, after several years she decided to lived with her father again.  This picture demonstrates the complexity of emotions the child, too often, is forced to deal with due to divorce.  This picture, by the name alone indicates sadness.  The large tear filled eyes is very revealing.  The down-turned mouth   affirms heartache and loss.  The reality of divorce for some individuals is beautifully executed in this pic.  This exposed the emotional aspect of utter sadness.   One can only hope that things improve between her parents and for this artist. 

Clearly, the emotional reflection of this art brings to light the impact of divorce on the child.  A job well done!

The artist shares: “I’ve been (and still am) struggling with depression these last months.  My parents got divorced about nine years ago and I had to go live with my mother and her new boyfriend. It was hard to let go of my father since I’d only see him during weekends and vacations. This event was really hard to process for my little sister though. We both hate changes and it’s one of our biggest fears.

The first weeks of living with my mom and her boyfriend weren’t that bad but my father was still left alone, which was really sad. I felt so bad for him. But not many weeks later he brought a strange woman with him when he came to pick us up; his new girlfriend. I guess it kinda hurt my (then eight year old) feelings that both my parents had moved on so quickly after loving eachother for over twelve years.”

Deviant art tears_by_hinagiku_shirabe-dadjrj6

#427, Tears

Deviant Art, Tears by Hinagiku-Shirabe

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Whose Side


An emotional depiction of the drama and trauma of divorce for this artist. Several things stand out with this picture. Mom and the son in the middle are drawn with facial expressions. Mom looks sad with a flat line shaped mouth. This son seems to have heart shaped lips which is an interesting subliminal message.

Blue lines on their faces are interpreted as tears.  Mom has a red mark on her face which is curious.  Is this related to the item in dads left hand (is this a gun, knife or sling-shot dripping with blood?).

Curiously, mom has what appears to be the letter ‘Y’ in red on her top.  Is this the artists interpretation?  ‘Y’ the divorce.  ‘Y’ is this happening? ‘Y’ is this complicated?  ‘Y’ do I have to choose?

Dad and brother’s facial features are missing. One son is walking away.

An emotional portrayal of divorce. 


Deviant Art Whose Side m

#422, Whose Side

Deviant Art, Whose Side by Fhulufhuwani

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Happy Family


A graphic depiction of divorce.  This artwork reveals the confusion and heartache many children experience when divorce happens in their family.  In this artwork, this child is split in half.  Not completely with mom or dad. Part of him is holding hands and walking with dad.  And, part of him is walking with mom and holding hands.  Note, how dad is smiling big while mom’s expression is less exaggerated.  

Interestingly, the boy is torn in the shape of a puzzle piece. Is he trying to figure out how this works?  Is he trying to understand how he fits into this newly formed puzzle?  Artist states: “My parents are divorcing.  My dad hasn’t been nice to my mom. I don’t see what can happen, I don’t know.” 

Divorce can be a confusing time for everyone involved.  Especially, when you do not know what is happening.

Deviant Art Happy Family i final

#421, Happy Family

Happy Family: Deviant Art by Fhulufhuwani

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An adult child of divorce shares their inner insecurities.  One of the most devastating aspects of divorces is the impact on the child.  Emotional insecurity is a common issue.  This artist captures her emotions beautifully.

“~What you never see~”
“One of my photos that means more than my life.
I am actually not over the divorce from my parents. It is about 6 years ago but I still remember the worst time.
I hide my feelings under a mask, I hide it under lies, under fake smiles and unreal happiness.”

Deviant art Faceless what_you_never_see_by_iamno_scientist


#338, Faceless