Soul Eater


A startling picture of divorce for one individual!This mother is asking her daughter to lie to her dad.  Several things stand out in this pic:  the single green eye; eye of envy, perhaps.  The child is sobbing and crying because this is a sad situation for a child to be put in. While yes, the mother is comforting the child; note that the mother is named ‘Soul Eater’.

With PA, if one parent is trying to ‘WIN, then the child is losing at some level!  A very emotional depiction of divorce.

Deviant art soul eater m


Deviant Art, “it’s ok to cry Sky… Skylar8493

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#246, Soul Eater

Missing Father


An unfortunate story of divorce.  Sometimes, things just can not be fixed.


I was fairly young when my parents divorced, six. It was rough on my brother and I. My dad kidnapped me and brought me to court. He asked me to lie about my mother in hope that he would attain custody, that did not happen.

My parents fought a lot and I even witnessed arguments between my mother and his girlfriends. At one point a shoe was thrown between the two.

My dad did come to my elementary school graduation, but not much else. He was not there when I graduated high schools and He did not give me away when I got married, my brother did. The tension became worse when he showed up to my brothers wedding and wanted to act like we were one big happy family. There has always been tension in my life and when I started to date, I had a huge mistrust for men.

Several years ago, my mother passed away and I had to contact him and let him know. This is the first time I had spoken to him in many years. Soon after he sent a friend request to me on Facebook and I accepted only after several private messages were sent between the two of us. I needed to let him know how much he hurt me, by missing out on the formulative years of my life.

We speak now, but I still keep him at arm length and know that he may have contributed to my DNA, but he has never truly been a Father to me.


Shared on Marriage-ecosystem by Shannon.

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An endearing note to a child who is very much loved.  Not having a relationship with their child!  Sadly, this is the anguish that some parents experience.


You know, sweetheart, I will never stop loving you!  Even though you are living with your ‘new family’.  We are still a family in spirit.  Until we can spend time together I will continue to love you.


#188, Sweetheart

Parental Alienation is Real


The trickery of parental alienation will be revealed.  Nothing can remain a secret forever!  This is especially true with PAS.



They DO KNOW…… Don’t fool yourself by thinking their just kids and they’ll never know. They see EVERYTHING!  They KNOW what you did. They know you lied….. about…… EVERYTHING!



#171, Parental Alienation is Real

Real Parents


Real parents vs. parents who engage in tactics of parental alienation.


REAL PARENTS don’t keep their children from the other parent “Parental Alienation is about parents who place their own selfish needs above those of their defenseless children and in doing so, they deny them their right to love and be loved by both parents.” ~ Dr. Reena Sommer



#169, Real Parents

Emotional Support


Emotional support offered.   A parent who has experienced the pain and heartache of PAS gives insightful backing to another parent in the throes of PAS.


I just wanted to post on your wall, and hope that your friends and everybody else see’s this. Parental alienation is a serious matter, it’s so unfortunate that so many fathers (mothers) have to be alienated from their children, and speaking from experience (being an alienated child) I know the pain, and the severity of the situation. It is unjust, and cruel, and no one should have to live without their parent/child because of someone else who is selfish by nature, and feels the need to subjugate their children because of their own negative emotions, that they cannot separate from the situation, and see just how vast the damage is, that is being done. Not only does the alienated parent have to get up everyday without their child, children are also suffering, and we all know the facts about what happens when a child feels as though one parent doesn’t want them (which sadly happens a lot of times because they cannot fathom why their father isn’t in their lives, especially young ones who cannot see the truth)

Though, I want every single father (or mother) to know who is reading this, who has a child that is separated from them. No matter what kind of hostility that is being instilled in their minds, no matter how they even react to a situation, their hearts beat a different tune. They may be influenced vastly by the parent that is alienating them, but their hearts speak a different story – they still love you, they still care, and because of the harrowing situation they don’;t understand. They are being manipulated and despite what their minds are telling them, what they are being taught – they can never eradicate the love they have in their hearts for you. Speaking from experience, they miss you, they love you, and they are being taught to hate, to be hostile – this is not who they are deep down. No matter what, don’t stop fighting, because there are happy endings. You cannot manipulate somebody forever, eventually they will see the truth, and it will come back and bite the one who did the wrong..

#162,  Emotional Support

Even After the Divorce


Amazing concept!  

This campaign was created in 2010 in Warsaw,  Poland.  What a creative way to reach parents.   

Campaign info:

A social campaign ‘Even after the divorce I need you both’  began 1thJanuary in Multikino and Silver Screen cinemas. It has been initiatedby Fundacja Akcja and is carried out by Platige Image studio.

The main character of the commercial prepared by Rafał Wojtunik is asmall boy missing his absent father. This image is supposed tosensitize parents undergoing a marital crisis to the fact that in suchdifficult times their child needs both of them. The campaign is part ofthe foundation’s actions aiming at popularizing sharing childcare afterthe divorce.

As part of the campaign, the spot will be shown regularly (9 000 times) from 1 January until 18 February in cinemas.

Producer: Platige Image; Marta Staniszewska, Marcin Kobylecki
Executive Producer: Tomasz Baginski

Director: Rafal Wojtunik

Story: Krzysztof Slazinski, Robert Kucharski
Music: Marcin Przybylowicz
Sound mix: Genetix Studio

3d Team:
animatik & animation: Andrzej Zawada
secondary animation: Daria Zawada
concept art: Rafal Wojtunik
models: Rafal Kidzinski
textures: Pawel Lewandowski, Michal Gryn
rendering, composition and concept art: Rafal Wojtunik
poster artwork: Jakub Jablonski, Rafal Wojtunik


Even after the divorce m




Link to project in Warsaw, Poland.

#148, Even After the Divorce

Excellent Question!


If a child had two parents before the divorce, a child should have full access to both parents after the divorce…….

Divorce is between the parents and ABOUT THE CHILD!!!!!



How would you like it m



As shared on Facebook page for Supporters of Shared Parenting Headquarters, April 21.

Link to FB page for Supporters of Shared Parenting Headquarters:

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One adult child of divorce shares thoughts on discovering how the saddest time of his life was when he was in the throes of PAS by mom.

Alienating parents be fore warned!  The child you are manipulating today against your co-parent will most likely discover the deeds of your actions.  Typically, one cannot manipulate and control one individual forever!  There will be no escape.  The damage will be done!


When I “hated” my dad, it was the most unhappy time of my life. I didn’t connect why until later when I figured out that I was manipulated to hate my dad.



As shared on The Father’s Rights Movement, May 25, 2015, 2:04 p.m.

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#131, Manipulated