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Perfectly said!   If one parent is trying to win then that means everyone is losing out.   NO ONE WINS in PAS!   The one who misses out the most is the CHILD! 

Divorce is between the parents-ABOUT THE CHILD!


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#342, PAS is Like…

Lost Heart

One parent’s rendition of how PAS really feels!  A clear portrayal of how a parent feels when they are unable to participate in their child’s life. Empty inside.  Heart is missing.  Carrying a bag of emotional heartache perhaps?  Interestingly, the missing part is  heart shaped.  Symbolizing  that a parents LOVE never goes away!  

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#328, Lost Heart



Here is the heart wrenching truth for too many parents!  There is nothing worse than a child being withheld from another parent in the name of “LOVE”.  One parent who has seemingly experienced the evils of PAS have captured this sentiment perfectly!


“I used to think I knew what evil was.  And, then my child was taken from me, by someone who supposedly ‘loves’ them.

There is no darker evil than that, and there is no greater threat to our human existence than our own bitterness bringing us to destroy those who we supposedly ‘love’.”


#322, Evil


A Survivor of Alienation


An important point to make about PAS is that the child figures out what ‘really happened’.  This may occur during childhood while in the throes of PAS.  Or, as an adult child of divorce.  Either way, the realization that one parent has made efforts to keep them from their other parent, is devastating.  Often, as research is showing, the child of divorce stops having a relationship with the parent that went to such great lengths to keep them to themselves.  Time To Put Kids First (TPKF) has illustrated this point beautifully!  

TPKF offers a lot of rich information for parents who have been touched by PAS!

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Time To Put Kids First (TPKF)

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#312, A Survivor of Alienation

A Case of PAS



A heart-wrenching depiction of PAS!  Mother and child walking across dad with no concern for his emotional state or existence.  A key component of PAS is that the child alienates the parent they once had a loving and kind relationship with.  Sadly, this is the reality for too many parents.  

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#307, A Case of PAS

Alienated Child



One pic is worth a thousand words!

An unfortunate depiction of divorce!  This iconic family drawing reveals a blatant hole!  A place where the child should be.  Do parents  wonder how their actions impact the family?  Are they aware that making efforts to keep one child from their other parent hurts a lot of people?  

Clearly, Divorce is between the parents-ABOUT THE CHILD!  


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#303, Alienated child


Sticks and Stones


A disturbing pic with a powerful message!

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones by H. J. Warren

“Sticks and stones may break my bones

But words could never hurt me.”

And this I knew was surely true

And Truth could not desert me.

But now I know it is not so.

I’ve changed the latter part;

For sticks and stones may break the bones

But words can break the heart.

Sticks and stones may break the bones

But leave the spirit whole,

But simple words can break the heart

Or silence crush the soul.”

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#301, Sticks and Stones