Bullied by Mom


An adult child of divorce shares a PostSecret about his mother. A parent with narcissistic tendencies presents as the perfect parent. In reality, the child is forced into putting their own needs and wants aside. This shows how nurturance plays a key role in who we become. Sadly, this mother will never know the damage caused to her child.  Worse yet, her child will forever try to cope with the ill-doings done because of parental behaviors with narcissistic tendencies. How unfortunate for this child.

#495, Bullied by Mom 

“I Never Said That”


Confabulations, denial and lies are all part of game for a parent with narcissistic tendencies. Accepting responsibility, apologizing and correcting wrongful behaviors are typically not on the agenda. This reinforces the message of chaos and confusion for the child. Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. Instilling doubt, fear, guilt or shame in a child promote problems that may never heal. These issues will impact the daily living and future relationships of that child into adulthood.

#494, “I Never Said That”