Unhappy Court Appearance


A powerful picture! The power of the judge is indicated by a gavel, pen, and paperwork.  Scales are in view.   Is this a fair case? Are the red hands indicative of something?  Two parents and a child are at the desk.  Suitcases packed; does this mean someone is not going home?  Mom and dad are fighting.  The child is in the middle of his parents with large tears streaming down his face.  

#560, Unhappy Court Appearance


Dividing Line

The most prominent part of this artwork is a strong zig-zag line. Parents  are facing away from their child on each side of the dividing line.  Curiously, the child is part blue.  He is looking to one side with hands open like he is receptive to something or waiting for an object to be passed to him.  Is he waiting for a parent to take his hand? Hopefully, someone will notice the child and talk about what is happening in this family.

#559 Dividing Line

Make it Stop


 Children LOVE both parents. This artwork reveals the thoughts of one artist.  The head is down with a red halo indicating the importance of their thoughts. A child should not be in a position to choose one parent over the other. Maybe someone will see how difficult this is and listen to what they are experiencing. Hopefully, someone will notice this child, and soon.  

Deviant Art Make it Stop i final

#411, Make it Stop

Deviant Art, Make it Stop by  LavenderDino

Impact on child/Impact


Something is Missing


Stunning artwork! This child is surrounded by a very large inventory of toys! Yet, she appears very sad. Two parents appear in the shadows. Both parents are on the phone, in what appears to be, a heated conversation. The look on the face of this young girl is captivating. Has she experienced hearing her parents fight before? Will her parents notice their daughter and tend to her emotional needs? Seemingly, regardless of the number of toys, overhearing harsh words by the two people she loves, adores and trusts may be confusing and disruptive to her emotional world.

Deviant Art.  Something is Missing by VivalaVida.

Link to artwork: http://vivalavida.deviantart.com/art/Something-is-missing-176997189

#557-277, Something is Missing

Adult Learns the Truth


An adult child of divorce may come to know what ‘really happened’ over the years; Why one parent did not call or try to find them.  How hurtful to know one parent engaged in behaviors obstructing the parent-child relationship.  How devastating to learn the emotional turmoil, the feelings of abandonment, the hours spent trying to figure out why one parent could totally ‘forget’ their child were unnecessary.  Often, the child of divorce learns the truth, and the parent who deterred the co-parent-child relationship, may be left out.  Time To Put Kids First (TPKF) has illustrated this point beautifully!  

Time To Put Kids First (TPKF)

Link to their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/timetoputkidsfirst?fref=ts

Link to post: https://www.facebook.com/timetoputkidsfirst/photos/a.621096854661485.1073741828.620742498030254/715458311892005/?type=1&theater

#553-312, A Survivor of Alienation

‘Holidays are Ruined’


An adult child of divorce (ADOC) comments on a post about the holidays.  Holidays are a time for family.  For some,  this becomes  a time of choosing.  A difficult decision for anyone to make. Who should the ADOC spend time with?  How do they reconcile the feelings of guilt?


Holidays were a horrid thing for me too! I completely agree! My mother divorced twice, so I felt all this pressure to see my dads family, my mother, and my step dads family too (because believe it or not, I feel closer to my step dad than either of my actual parents.)

Holidays are ruined; trying to visit everyone is stressful, tiresome, and down right emotionally exhausting. I always end up crying a lot, and my kids would be confused as to whose house we were at and what they were supposed to call all these people. Every single family member thinks they are entitled to have me drive to their home. No one comes to see me, however. And they all get mad if I go to another family members home! So you can’t win for losing! Which is why I stopped going completely. They seem to have nothing but a hot dose of guilt to give me anyway.


Marriage-Ecosystem, comment for The Issues are Legion, August 8, 2013.

Emotional support for “The Issues are Legion”.  


#1122, Holidays are Ruined

Broken Holidays


Holidays are important to everyone in the family. One artists interpretation of the impact of divorce on the family.  This was done “after I learned of the impending divorce of one of my aunt and uncles… And the fact that said aunt probably wouldn’t be coming to that Thanksgiving or Christmas with the family. Family gatherings for my family generally means a lot of very delicious food, so that’s what came to mind with the image.”  

Deviant Art broken_holidays_by_silvervistani


Deviant Art, Broken Holidays

#1336, Broken Holidays