My Family Christmas Letter


One father shares the heartache in what appears to be an unexpected divorce. The story behind this submission is their son received a full ride sports scholarship to college prior to the separation.  Somehow, this teen became involved in activities and lost his way.  Now, graduating high school is a goal to achieve.  Could something have been done differently to keep this son on track to maintain the scholarship for his sport achievement?

Regrets Christmas letter

#1433, My Family Christmas Letter



Before and After Divorce


One young artist shares a “before” drawing on top, and a pic of her family “after” in the bottom picture.  This child presents her family as happy and fun.  Everyone is smiling.  Artist is holding her arm wide open indicating confidence and high self-esteem.  In the after pic, no one is smiling.  Each parent is turned away from the child.  Notice how her arms are held tightly to her body.  Restricted movement.  Is this how she feel emotionally?  Is either parent acknowledging the changes occurring in their family?

Family ‘BEFORE’

Family ‘AFTER’


Kids in the Middle is an agency geared toward helping the family during the divorce process.  They are located in Maplewood Missouri.(314) 909-9922
#551, Before and After Divorce

Parenting Matters


Parenting does matter!  This is a  simple message revealing the importance of the parent-child relationship. Notably, this is especially relevant in custody matters.  Children have a right to experience a kind, loving and reciprocating relationship with both parents.

#550, Parenting Matters

Pulled and Chained


A graphic representation of how the child may experience parental divorce. This girl is being ‘pulled’ by each parent to different sides. A chain is attached to both parents and strategically placed over her heart.  Is this symbolic of the emotional pull she is experiencing? Large white tears complete this unfortunate presentation of divorce.  

548, Pulled and Chained



This child expresses feelings about how the divorce is impacting their social life. Child states: “When I am with Dad I don’t get to spend that much time with my friends.  I’m mad because I don’t get to spend that much time with Dad.” Is this a situation where the parents live far apart? Is there a way for these parents to figure out a way for the child to spend more time with dad and friends?  Sometimes, custody plans need to be altered to accommodate the needs of the child as the child becomes older.

#547, Mad

Holding On


A child in the middle holding on to both parents. Quality relationships of parents with their children are the greatest antidote to the negative consequences from divorce.” 

~John Chirban Ph.D., Th.D.   

#546, Holding On