The Living Dead


Here is an emotional account of the heart wrenching reality of  parental alienation. Emotional mental health is important in high conflict divorces.  If you are devastated because you are unable to have a relationship with your child- please seek help.  There are support groups to offer emotional support. There is hope in finding strength with other parents experiencing the same feelings. Suicide is not the answer. 

Shared by David Shubert on Parental ALienationAwareness Organization International-North Texas 

The Living Dead

The very breath we breathe is sucked out of us. We walk around like zombies. The smile we once had is no longer visible and peace is forever gone. This is what it is like for a parent who has been alienated from their children. We simply cease to function on a normal basis. On the outside, we are normal but on the inside we scream in terror and hold onto dysfunctional behavior.

Most people who know us do not understand what we are going through. They only see what they want to see. They will never understand what it is like to lose their child because of the vindictive actions of an alienating spouse or the erroneous decisions of a family court judge. They think we embellish our situation and should be able to move on but, how can we?

There are many parents and our children who have chosen to lose the battle of alienation because the pain is too great and are unable to continue fighting for what they desire. It is unfortunate when this occurs because their pain may end in the physical and emotional sense but, they leave it behind for those still on this earth who once loved them.

For myself, I have known three parents who have chosen to end their pain and suffering in the most dreadful manner caused by alienation. It leaves a hole in my heart that can never be filled. For family members, it must be even more devastating. I can only say that you must hold on and believe that tomorrow will be better.

It is imperative that each of you take care to safeguard your mental and emotional health because you need to be here for the time of when your children awaken from their slumber and realize they need you. If, you choose to make the ultimate decision to end your pain…you are wrong and you are selfish. Pick yourself up and make the conscious decision to fight back against the dark powers.

There is a way to do this and that is the power of self-healing. Step back from the fight. Concentrate on yourself and do something that promotes a different emotional environment for yourself. I understand how difficult this may be and how you may feel that you are giving up on your child through this process but, if you are damaged then you are no good to yourself nor your child.

Take time to heal. Go on that long awaited vacation. Go fishing. Camping with a friend? How about taking a dancing class? Perhaps counseling? Whatever you need to do make sure that fulfill your bucket list and come back a more complete person. After all, you’re worth it and so are your children. They need to have you back in their lives and not an emotional wreck. They need you as you once were.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. You can either choose to live in a silent, emotional fear and heartache or you can make the conscious decision to rise above this and heal yourself. Don’t be selfish in your actions. Consider who you are doing this for and that is your children. They deserve to have a super-mom or super-dad in their corner fighting for them.

Heal yourself from within and regain your life, your smile and your children. We all have this drive and fight inside us, we just have to reach down deep to find it. We do not have to be the living dead. We can instead be the living parents again!

By David Shubert

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Kubo and the Monster


This very talented artist faces the ‘monster’ of divorce.  Excellent depiction of the emotional experiences of divorce from the child’s perspective. The artist shares: “As Kubo walked into the dark, gloomy cave, he suddenly heard a noise and swiftly turned around to it’s source, he looked but there was no one there, he turned back around and gazed at the sight of the monster ,The Monster of abandonment ,and despair, he swiftly grabbed his guitar and shamisen,and started to play.”

info about the art from the artist:
“Okay, the shadowy wolf thing its actually what I had to deal with in my elementary school years ,you see my elementary school years were not the best ,I had to face betrayal ,abandonment ,loneliness ,and my family now divorced ,and many other things ,but it wasn’t until jr. high that I met my friend ,which is now my friend even to today.”

#447, Kubo and the Monster

Deviant Art, Kub and the Monster by cookiedragon202

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Who is Missing?


A book cover reveals the sad reality of divorce. The most prominent feature of this picture is the outline of a father with a very sad face. Neither child is smiling. The only person who appears happy is mom. Curiously, her arm is around the ‘missing’ father. Children have right to have a relationship with both parents. If a child had two parents in their life before the divorce, then they should be able to enjoy both parents after the divorce.

Divorce is between the parents-about the child! LOVE WINS!

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Give this Note to Your Dad


Putting the child in the middle of communications between the parents is unfair. Apparently, this is the experience for this child. A rather simple picture with rays of sun in the upper corner. I hope these parents become aware of how their actions are impacting their child. Divorce is between the parents-about the child.  LOVE WINS!  

#444, Give this Note to Your Dad

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A Changed Family


The most startling feature of this artwork is the faces drawn on each person. Mom is smiling, dad is sad, child to the left has no expression and youngest child appears to be saying something. Parents are each leaning. Dad is facing more backward and somewhat leaning. Mom is facing more forward and tilted toward a wall that the youngest child is standing against. Or, is this a barrier between the parents and children? 

Seemingly, there is artistic disparity among the objects. Each family member appears to be copied while the house is rudimentary.  A curious presentation of a family and home.  

#443, A Changed Family

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One picture is worth a thousand words.  An underlying theme of unhappy comes through loud and clear. The unhappy face of this child is front and center. She is barely touching the hands of each parent. Both parents appear to be standing in front of their perspective homes although mom is taller. Parental facial expressions indicate no emotion. The black jagged line behind her and under dad’s house is prominent. Does this indicate turmoil? Mom’s house appears to be closer, is brightly colors and on top of the dark line. While we can only guess at the meaning of some objects there appears to be no discrepancy in how this little girl feels…unhappy.

#442 Unhappy

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Dying Love


This artist shares the heartache of her parent’s divorce: “Today, May 5th, 2017, would have been my mother and father’s 15th wedding anniversary… But they got a divorce about 3 1/2 years ago. Every year, I still celebrate their anniversary to remember the great times we had as a loving family, and to remember how great of a couple my parents were.”

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