This is shameful! One parent offers to cease child support payments for full custody of their child. This speaks to the need for family court reform with child support.   “Child support is intended to support the child-not break the parent emotionally and financially.” Ruth A. S. Nichols


#534, Shameful!

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I Feel Mad…


A young child creates a visual for  expressing his thoughts. Child states: “I feel mad because my parents are divorced.” The artwork shows a sad faced green monster face. Hopefully, someone is reaching out to this child who is seemingly expressing emotional distress. Perhaps the parents will see the art and help him.

#533, I Feel Mad…

Happy on the Outside


Standing under blue skies and white clouds a child surrounded by sporting event balls appears smiling.   The words state “I’m happy on the outside to everyone I know.” This child seems to be presenting as a happy person to everyone and sad on the inside. Divorce and custody may be distressing to some children. Offering emotional support is important. 

#533, Happy on the Outside


Violent, Noisy Battles


A startling portrayal of divorce for this young one. A small part of the child is visible. Does this mean the child feels overlooked?  The wide eyes indicate this child knows what is happening. Both parents seem enthralled in this fight.  The prominent red tongues support the caption  ‘violent, noisy battle’.  How long will this go on before someone notices their little one is watching them?

#532, Violent, Noisy Battles


Divorce Problems


Divorce has a tendency to turn everyones world upside down. This artist shares a realistic view of parental divorce. “My parents gave me more trouble than I ever gave them.” Divorce is between the parents and should be about the child. 

#531, Divorce Problems



This artist demonstrates parental conflict. Each parent has yanked off the arm of the bear this child is clutching. She is crying streams of blue tears. The white surrounding the child adds to the drama. Parental conflict can be confusing and scary. Will these parents notice how this little girl is feeling?  Will someone take time to fix her bear?

#530, Torn

Artwork by Katelynnvallejo.weebly/children-series.html  

Sad Faces



A very sad depiction of parental divorce.  Everyone has a sad face. Even the prominent blue tear at the top seems lost and forlorn.  This young artist presents a sense of being alone as he is surrounded by large blue tears. Hopefully, someone will reach out to this child.


#529, Sad Faces