Part of Both Parents


Children are a part of both parents. The red heart appearing front and center is prominent.  This artwork demonstrates the basis of the family unit. Divorce does not change that. Requesting a child to reject one parent is asking the child to give up part of who they are.

#545, Part of Both Parents


Large Rain Drops


Large rain drops are coming down and all around the home. Dark clouds are looming above with bolts of lightening. Notably, each window has a happy face peering out.  A happy person is sitting in the house to the side. Is this the artist? Or, a parent? A curious drawing with stormy weather and happy faces.

#544, Large Rain Drops

Daughter:Knows Father Cared


An emotional story. An adult child of divorce shares the startling experience of how her mom  smeared the character of her father and filed fraudulent documents in efforts to ‘win’ in family court. This scenario shows there are NO winners when one parent attempts to keep the child from another parent. All parties lose-Every single time. Divorce is between the parents-About the child!

In all my memories I can honestly say that NO ONE other than dad truly cared about me, or what was in my best interest. Even though my mom alienated us from him. smeared his character in the courts perspective and filed such fraudulent documents against him my dad never once spoke ill about my mom to me.

Instead he always said ‘she wasn’t always like that’ when I tried to talk to him about what she had done. My mom may of felt she was ‘winning’ in court but she loses in the long run as I still want nothing to do with her. In my opinion everyone loses in this case!

The courts allowed her to lie like this, which lead to my dad being mis-labeled as mentally ill. It was lies like this that has lead me to not want anything to do with her! Still to this day she will not admit to any of it, still blames everyone else!

#543, Daughter:Knows Father Cared

Time to be Brave


A talented artist uses creativity to convey her thoughts about a possible parental divorce. The eyes and sad face indicate concern about what will happen next. While the other part is happy.  Fortunately, for this adolescent, the divorce did not take place. This artist states “t’s time to be brave. Time to be smart and brave and hardworking for a fair outcome. I couldn’t turn 18 soon enough…”.  Divorce is between the parents and should be about the child!


#539, Time to be Brave

Deviant Art; Daily Draw 16 Divorce by Whitehershey,


Being a Daddy


A heartwarming story from an adoring father who simply wants the opportunity to spend more time with this son. Less than equal shared parenting time is unfair to the parent and the child. Children do deserve to have a relationship with BOTH parents. And, both parents should have the opportunity to parent their child. 


I want to share something that means a lot to me this evening. It might not mean much to the parent who sees their child or children every day. Perhaps it will.
For the first time about one week ago, my son had a part of his toy ambulance stop working. The various siren sounds stopped working when any of the three buttons on top of the toy were pushed, but the lights would still flash when any of the buttons were pushed. My son, through merely observing his initial reaction, could tell there was no sound coming from his toy. He didn’t understand why there was silence present instead of sirens roaring.
Fast forward to tonight. After my son was picked up by his mother and I took care of a personal matter, I fixed his toy ambulance. It was an easy fix where even the most inept person in fixing things could have figured out the remedy. Silence be gone! Sirens be blasting!
The point is, I fixed one of my son’s toys for him tonight. I was dad helping out my boy, even though he wasn’t here to see it. I feel so much joy right now over something most may or even would deem as insignificant. It’s not to me. To me, it’s another piece of me being daddy to my boy. I love it, and my heart’s at peace and my eyelids are watery. If my son and I spent time with each other considerably more than the approximately 7.5% of the week we currently do, perhaps this wouldn’t be so poignant and sentimental to me.
The next time my son is over to spend time with me and I with him, he’ll notice the sounds blaring from his beloved toy ambulance. Whatever his initial reaction, I reminded myself tonight that no matter what any person or entity tells me verbally, through family court, etc, I’m ultimately more than a visitor to my son. He deserves equal time with both of his parents.
“To me, it’s another piece of me being daddy to my boy”.

#538 Being a Daddy

Shared by an adoring father, Jason Gearhart, fighting for equal shared parenting for all parents and children.

Reality of Divorce


When one parent states they want a divorce a common question from the other parent is ‘what about the children’.  Thinking about how divorce will impact your child is a valid concern.  Divorce brings about many changes for everyone-especially for your child.  Their world is changing at an emotional, physical and possibly financially level. This is especially true when one parent moves out, relocates and/or resides with a new spouse.

#536, Reality of Divorce



An emotionally captivating expression of divorce. This child seems stuck in the middle in what was once his home. Two individuals/parents(?)are  unraveling the home life of this child. This boy appears terribly distraught; crouched and hiding his face. Do these parents have any idea what they are doing to their child? A a most bewildering depiction of divorce.

#474, Unraveled