Web of Deception


“Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we start to deceive.” Come into my web of deception said the spider to the fly….. A parent with narcissistic tendencies may display certain behaviors only behind closed doors. Part of the pathology is keeping the personality disorder hidden from everyone outside of the family.  


#520, Web of Deception


Parenting Issues


Parenting issues should remain between the parents. Sometimes, parents use the child as a go-between.  This puts the child in the awkward position of having to choose sides. A child wants and needs to have a relationship with BOTH parents. Divorce is between the parents and about the child. (From Whisper).


# 519, Parenting Issues (From Whisper)

I hate Devorce


The title of this artwork sets the tone for this pic.  This appears to be an emotional portrayal of parental ‘Devorce” for one child.  A red heart at eye level stands out the most. Who is taking a very large knife to the ‘heart’ of the tree.  Is this a child sharing their experience of emotional hurt? Or, is this artist  depicting a parent taking a knife to the (emotional heart of the child)?  Numerous jagged edges appear throughout the tree branches indicating aggressiveness. What is this child artist revealing with this artwork? Is this child able to spend time with both parents? Even with the unknowns, this artwork is startling.



#480, I Hate Devorce

Is Anyone Listening?

A graphic image of parental conflict.  This artwork shows each parent in distinct settings (different homes?). Child is in the center, covering their ear while straddling each home.  Both parents are saying something with an angry tone based on the look on their faces and word bubbles.  Notice how each parent is turned away from their child. ‘Communication’ lines in green and red indicate distress. Neither parent is paying attention to their child.  Seemingly, this child is trying to explain their thoughts through art.  Hopefully, one of these parents will notice how their child answers the question  “How do you feel about being in the middle? As this child answers: scared, sad, want to get away, mad, worry. 

#518,  Is Anyone Listening, from Kids in the Middle.

Categories: Impat on child, A child’s view




Good-bye, Daddy…


A heartfelt pic of divorce from the perspective of the child? An adorable little girl is crying blue tears.  She is crying out to daddy who seems distressed.  Mom seems intent on taking the daughter in a different direction.   An important point to make is children want and need to have a relationship with BOTH parents. I hope these parents figure out a way to communicate. Divorce is between the parents and about the child.  

#516, Goodbye, Daddy…

Categories: Impact on child, A child’s view

Artwork, by a talented (anonymous) artist.

Heart and Dagger


There are several elements in this artwork deserving of attention.  Viewing the self-portrait, the child is split with a line down the entire page through the child.  In the middle of the child there is another split. This is disproportionate with more space to the father. Each parent is pointing a dagger in the child.  Is there significance because mom appears to be walking away and dad is walking toward the child? Both parents are smiling while the child is sad?  Certainly, the child feels torn between the parents.  Is either parent aware of how their child is experiencing the divorce?  Seemingly, this artwork indicates the child needs help adjusting to the divorce.   


#517, Heart and Dagger

Categories: Impact on the child, A child’s view.

What Are They Saying?


What are the parents saying? Each parent is pointing a finger indicating they are trying to make a point. What words is this child hearing causing the large, flowing, blue  tears.    Even the dog, with wide eyes, seems startled by the parental conversation. Does either parent see how this is impacting their daughter.  Hopefully, one parent will take a moment and comfort their child.

#515,  What Are They Saying?