Tears and Confusion


A picture of confusion and sadness. This child appears distraught with large  flowing tears.  Facial expression on parents and pointed fingers create an undeniably upsetting situation for this child.   A jagged line projecting out of the head of the child may represent confusion due to parental conflict. Perhaps, the light blue tears represent feelings of of sadness. Does that mean the large darker blue puddle indicate ongoing issues of being put in the middle.  Are these parents aware of how sad this child appears?  Does this child have someone to turn to that could offer emotional support?

Parental conflict is confusing to the child.  Both parents seem focused on fighting while the child  between them is understandably upset. 


#507, Tears and Confusion


Words Do Hurt


“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me” may be a rhyme; however, the reality is words do hurt. In fact, emotional and verbal abuse by a parent has long-term implications of which the victim may never fully recover.  Physical scars may heal.  Emotional scars created by harsh words may never fully go away. 

#506, Words Do Hurt

Categories: Impact on child, Psychological abuse



A parent with narcissistic tendencies lives within a world of putting everyone down to maintain their position of superiority. Consistency in behaviors and comments will most likely continue. In some social situations an individual may be avoided; however, for co-parents and children that may not be possible. Bewilderingly, this creates a world of confusion and frustration for everyone involved. 

#505, They are Consistent

Categories: Impact on child, Narcissistic tendencies

I’m Fine…


Here is the painful reality of parental alienation. A parent may act as if everything is ok while they may be experiencing grief and turmoil. Numerous support groups are available for parents and family  members who are unable to see their child due to custody and divorce matters.

#504, I’m Fine…

The Happy Mask


Emotional abuse during childhood has long-term ramifications.  An adult child shares a glimpse into their emotional world.  The child learns at an early age to put aside their own desires to please their parent. This is at the expense of their own emotional needs, feelings and wants. This emotional abuse may revealed in all future relationships.


#503, The Happy Mask



This is a colorful presentation of divorce. The black backdrop adds to the drama and emotional impact. A split heart with two parents who both seem distraught with tears. Two children are floating as if being tossed from the small house in between them. This artwork is used to show a child how divorce may feel. Sadly, the ridges on each side of the heart, and both children without a strong attachment to anything are realistic.  

#502, Two



Recipe for Disaster!


The perfect mix! Creating an  individual with narcissistic tendencies is a special recipe. One must have the perfect background growing up and the right person to support their needs. Ingredients may be substituted with any of the following: Self-centered need for adoration, adulation and attention. This recipe is full-proof and long-lasting. Shelf-life guaranteed.

#501, Recipe for Disaster!