All My Fault


A common theme in divorce is the child thinking that THEY did something wrong……. If there was only a way that parents could divorce legally, have the child switch homes two times per week, alternate holidays and change lifestyle without the child being impacted emotionally.  Is that even possible?  Perhaps the better question is “How is that ?”possible.

Note the sad eyes of he child on the stairs.  The forlorn look while watching her parents argue.  The bottom half of a wedding pic…..  Parents seem to have intense fights.  Who would want their child exposed to such verbal fights?

Deviant Art All my fault dlsapphire_s_story__by_h0mi3-d972l8c


Deviant Art, Sapphire’s Story by h0mi3

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#300, All My Fault


Please Son…


WOW!  Excellent portrayal of divorce from the child’s perspective!

Artists’ verbiage:

Dad:  you have to understand why I had to leave you with your mother… 
Son: the only thing that I understand is that my father doesn’t care for his family… You made my mom cry…. 
Dad: Look… I know I have done the most horrible mistake for get the divorce with your mother… But now I want to get her back… 
Son: No… You don’t deserve my mother’s love… And you never will… You left her when she needed you more than anyone… 
Dad: I just need a Chance… Please Son… “

Deviant art DL please_son____by_itzeldrag108-d97r06b


Deviant Art, Please Son… by ITZELDRAG108

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#296, Please Son…

What, Your Parents Argue


A too common depiction of divorce from the child’s perspective.  How sad that the oldest child is put in a position to protect their younger siblings.  Knowing that ‘other’ parents argue may offer a little comfort.  This artist shares how they are the protector, yet, they too need comfort.  Regardless of the angle, observing and overhearing parental conflict is damaging to the child!

Is the artists’ title of Question 72 revealing more about the experiences of seeing their parents argue?  Is this just one of many questions this character is wondering about?  Perhaps the better question is:

Should a child need to ask questions about how their parents communicate?  Parents are a child’s first introduction to how relationships work?  If a child observes arguments of the two people they love and trust the most, what does that do to the child’s sense of self and sense of security?

Deviant Art What your p argue m


Deviant Art, Question 72, by ask-the-fazbear-kids.

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#295,  What, Your Parents Argue?

Divorce Sadness


An artist uses their talent as an outlet to express sadness about their parents divorce.   This is an effort to cope with the emotional loss of their parents divorce.  They are trying to deal with the many questions any child may have when thinking about the reality of their parents separating.    This seems to be a common response to the unfortunate scenario for any child to experience.

Deviant art changes and sadness_by_tricksterwicked-d94rmf8


Deviant Art.  Changes by TricksterWicked.

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#294,  Divorce Sadness



Still a Broken Family


This artist seems confused about understanding the change in his family. He is trying to make sense of the divorce.  Sadly, each parent appears split on the paper torn in half.  Parents, nor the child are expressing emotions indicated with their mouths in a straight line. This child appears lost and forlorn. Papers on the floor are strewn about and solicit no reaction. His efforts in believing divorce is the best way to go are seemingly,  unconvincing. How many children see divorce as better?

Deviant Art Still a broken family m


Deviant Art. Divorce by quietkidlucas.

Link to artwork:

#293, Still a Broken Family


The Parent Crap



This artists shares the family tension that exists.  The title states the essence of this artwork.  Apparently, no event is immune to parental conflict!  Even at a joyous occasion such as a baby shower for their grandchild to be-the parents are unable to play nice.  How stressful for everyone!  The artist states: “unfortunately Molly’s divorced parents are still shooting daggers at one another and Molly is still in the middle.”  

A sad and realistic depiction of divorce.



Deviant Art.  The Parent Crap by Toongrrl.

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#291, The Parent Crap

I Wish…


A heartwarming thought!  Does this wish mean that the child is unable to see their dad anymore?  Or, only a limited basis?  A child has a right to have a relationship with both parents!  This pic conveys the message of the importance of maintaining an emotional bond between parent and child.   

How many parents long to hug their child?

How many children and adolescents wish they could hug their parent on a daily basis?  

I wish m


Shared on Father’s Rights are a Human Right.

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 #289, I wish…

Everything is My Fault!


Many time, a child will think the divorce is their fault!  They will think about something they did wrong; acting out at school, poor grades, not doing tasks around the house ask.  They will ask :”What did I do?” “did I do something to make one parent go away? ”  Encourage your child to talk about their feelings.  Work together with your co-parent.  Divorce is between the parents-ABOUT THE CHILD!

Can we work it out?
Can we be a family?
I promise I’ll be better.
Daddy, please don’t leave…–P!nk

A heart-wrenching depiction of divorce!

Deviant Art Everythigs been my fault dlover_the_garden_wall_family_portrait_by_amx_269-d88486m

Over the Garden Wall (c) Pat McHale

Deviant Art.  Over the Garden Wall by AMX-269

#287, Everything is My Fault

Which Way?


At the proverbial cross roads in life!  Which way should I go?  Mommy or daddy?  Mommy or daddy?  This black and white photo is upstaged by the adorable, fluffy bear.  Is this something that she treasures?  An object she can turn to when confused, lonely or sad?  Hopefully, her parents are able to comfort her and fulfill her emotional needs.  Divorce can be a confusing time for the child!

WHich way c bear color m


# 282, Which way?



One picture is worth a thousand words!

Parental conflict is distressing, stressful and has long term consequences on the child!  A child in the midst of parental conflict is more likely to engage in drinking, drugging, sexing, and delinquent behaviors.  They are at an increased risk for social problems, academic problems and experience difficulty in relationships.  Simply, parental conflict brings  havoc in your child’s life.


Stop it m 2


#274, STOP IT!!

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