New Attitude

Sometimes, hearing how someone else handles their divorce inspires us to do things differently.  This mom developed a new attitude changing everything.  For everyone.  If the child enjoyed a loving and reciprocating relationship with both parents before the divorce/separation, that should continue. Spending time together is important for the parent-child relationship and should be supported by both parents. 

#574, New Attitude



A mother shares thoughts on divorce and how her daughter will be impacted.  Mom offers advice to parents’ considering divorce.  Children learn about relationships by watching their parents.  Respecting the boundaries of each parent is important and with that being said, how does ‘no communication at all’  impact their daughter. A difficult situation for all members of the family.

I was married for 3 years and we had a daughter.  When she was 2 years old I did the unthinkable and slept with someone else. When my husband came home that night I confessed my deed. He refused to talk it about it, packed a bag and left. In fact, he has not talked to me at all. NOT ONE WORD.  He made arrangements for someone to pick up the rest of his things. Our attorneys handled the divorce. The exchanges for our daughter are done with either relatives or a friend. We do not attend the same events unless absolutely necessary and then we do not talk to each other.  I am now involved with someone else and have not told him why I’m divorced.  I’m too ashamed.

My concern is for our daughter.  She is young and I wonder how things will be when she is older.  She will see that her parents do not talk to each other and the T virtual and palatable contempt between us. I continually ask myself “What will this do to our little girl?”  I regret my actions that led to the divorce.  I am disappointed because my daughters life will be impacted by my selfish actions.

To anyone out there thinking about divorce……RECONSIDER!  There is nothing worth the security of your child.


#552, Regrets



One father shares the humiliation he experienced due to false accusations by his ex.  This is the reality for many fathers (and some mothers).  Fathers’ lives are RUINED because of  the lies and games played and the lack of support within the Family Court  system.  

This speaks to the need for Family Court reform.  

Looking back over the past 3 years I can see that I was in a deep state of depression.  I  was ashamed because of the lies and accusations made by my ex.  I was ashamed because I was unable to protect my children from my wife who had ‘mental health problems.

I was falsely accused and labeled as an abuser.  I lost my job.  I had to move into my parents home.  I was labeled as a trouble maker in my county’s courthouse. The self-help division of family court even refused to help me.  The pain and shame I experienced will NEVER leave me.

I am unable to hold my head up high.  I can not live a normal life because of what my ex did.

The pain and shame will stay with me forever!


#340, Ashamed




The Truth Hurts



One father shares thoughts on the emotional struggles at becoming a father.  Changing, struggling, and evolving are part of becoming a parent.  He acknowledges a key component in divorce-parents putting their needs and wants before the needs and desires of their children.  


The truth hurts, the truth that in my early stages of being a dad, I struggled. I fell into depression and lost my way. Everything that was so simple became so difficult, I couldn’t get to grasp of my own life. My family broke down due to the miscommunication with my then partner. When you feel lost as a first time father, your whole world becomes dark. Emotions always run high when you break up with someone you care about, it was difficult. This was two years ago now and it been a tough testing time developing as man and daddy. I try hard to get the right balance, which means sometimes I must compromise or even put my pride aside and submit. I have to be honest to you viewers on why parents fail. Parents fail because they put their own desire ahead of what’s important. We’re so self conscience about what others think we loose ourselves. Males are out trying to conquer as many women as possible as if it a good thing ( I’ve been there). Females are so occupied in being more glamorous than the other, where do you draw the line. I had to ask myself a question, do I love my son enough to man up and be different? Do I want to follow the crowd like I was and be another number? Most importantly, don’t make changes for others but do it for yourself. I post negatives posts and they thrive, why? I post positive post and they struggle. How people love to hate one another like its a good thing. I simply ask where has the love gone in the world?


By Fathers that Care.

#302, The Truth Hurts

Happily Ever After?


A divorced parent shares the disappointment of divorce.



When I was young I could not wait to marry!  As an adult when we married I thought marriage would be forever……

Now, I guess forever came sooner than expected.


#227, Happily Ever After

Death Over Divorce


A horrible thought for anyone.  An especially terrible situation for someone who is just trying to be a parent to their child.  


“I think death would be easier than divorce.”



#154, Death Over Divorce

Self Portrait of Divorce


An artist shares her experience with divorce.  A convoluted and personal representation that is well done!
“I drew this while attending a “How to Help Your Child Cope With the Divorce of Their Parents” course as a part of my divorce’s legal procedure (I think it might have even been mandatory) I was so sad for my daughter during that time. Much sadder than I was for myself. And actually that’s never stopped being the case. I was a child of divorce as well and know just how grueling it can be.Artistically, I was so mad when I discovered that I had forgotten to include the chain on the left hand side. I had intended to subliminally put a little bit of optimism into the piece by vaguely hinting at a butterfly – ya know, “You go through this horrible experience and come out the other side ready to spread your new wings”, that kinda thing. Hopefully it still has that impact but just even more subliminally. (ha ha)Anyway, I’m not exactly sure what the image means except that the individual is obviously in an uncomfortable and scary place and they were put there by something outside of their control.I like this image so much, I used it as the cover for one side of my self-published flip comic-book, “Nepotism/The Labyrinth” I can’t even begin to guess how people reconcile that image with the word “nepotism”.”

Deviant art self portriat m
Deviant Art by beango.  Self_Portrait___Divorce_by_beango.jpg
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#146, Self Portrait of Divorce