Split in Two


This is a simple yet graphic example of what divorce may feel like for a child.  Being pulled by both parents.  The artist creates a sense of hurriedness and urgency.  Father seems to be taking large deliberate strives while the dress of mom is billowing in the wind of the speed.  Where is each parent going?  Regardless of the plans, each seems intent on taking the child with them.  Neither parent seems interested  in communicating with their child.  Will their son have the opportunity to share his thoughts?   


#508, Split in Two


Reality of Exchanges


This is a most unfortunate reality for some parents in a high conflict divorce. A drop zone created by the city to accommodate parents who will not be nice during the exchange. Security cameras are watching the area for any outbursts or abnormal behavior.  Notably, there are many parents even missing out on this! 

How long is the 2 minute exchange? http://www.sharedparentinginfo.com/two-minute-exchange.html





This is shameful! One parent offers to cease child support payments for full custody of their child. This speaks to the need for family court reform with child support.   “Child support is intended to support the child-not break the parent emotionally and financially.” Ruth A. S. Nichols


#534, Shameful!

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Reality of Narcissistic Tendencies


A parent with narcissistic tendencies is unable to put the needs of the child before their own. This is confusing to the child.  This creates a dynamic with the child  putting their own needs and wants aside in order to focus on their parent.

#523, Reality of Narcissistic Tendencies

Solicitor Agrees


Is family court fair? Do both parents have equal rights?  What ruling should be made? Sometimes, judges and attorneys know what the outcome should be in custody rulings  One parent shares their devastating experience in family court. 

“I had the exact same situation today in court (in discussing a similar case) she was caught right out lying on several occasions and I lost.  I told how she mistreated me and the kids.  Without hesitation the judge gave it (custody) to her.  The solicitor said I should have won.  I’m appealing”.

#511, Solicitor Agrees




A graphic representation of parental conflict for one child. Each parent seems intent in continuing their ‘unfriendly’ conversation.  Neither parent seems concerned the child is overhearing the argument. The tape on her mouth sends the message no one is concerned  in what the child has to say or thinking about this. Parental conflict is confusing and damaging to the child. How utterly sad for this child.

#492, Silenced


A Survivor of Alienation


An adult child of divorce may come to know what ‘really happened’ over the years; Why one parent did not call or try to find them.  How hurtful to know one parent engaged in behaviors obstructing the parent-child relationship.  How devastating to learn the emotional turmoil, the feelings of abandonment, the hours spent trying to figure out why one parent could totally ‘forget’ their child were unnecessary.  Often, the child of divorce learns the truth, and the parent who deterred the co-parent-child relationship, may be left out.  Time To Put Kids First (TPKF) has illustrated this point beautifully!  

I am surviver of Aienation m

Time To Put Kids First (TPKF)

Link to their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/timetoputkidsfirst?fref=ts

Link to post: https://www.facebook.com/timetoputkidsfirst/photos/a.621096854661485.1073741828.620742498030254/715458311892005/?type=1&theater

#312, A Survivor of Alienation

Alienated Child



One pic is worth a thousand words!

An unfortunate depiction of divorce!  This iconic family drawing reveals a blatant hole!  A place where the child should be.  Do parents  wonder how their actions impact the family?  Are they aware that making efforts to keep one child from their other parent hurts a lot of people?  

Clearly, Divorce is between the parents-ABOUT THE CHILD!  


ALienated child m



#303, Alienated child


Sticks and Stones


A disturbing pic with a powerful message!

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones by H. J. Warren

“Sticks and stones may break my bones

But words could never hurt me.”

And this I knew was surely true

And Truth could not desert me.

But now I know it is not so.

I’ve changed the latter part;

For sticks and stones may break the bones

But words can break the heart.

Sticks and stones may break the bones

But leave the spirit whole,

But simple words can break the heart

Or silence crush the soul.”

Sticks n stones m


#301, Sticks and Stones

Victims of PAS


The reality of PAS if the impact on the child!  How true these statements are.  Shared Parenting is for the child!  Parents have an obligation to see that their child have what they need in life in order to develop into a happy and healthy individual.  Shared Parenting offers the child the best of both worlds…..which is both parents!


PAS is now quite common.  Numerous support forums have been established because of PAS.  PAS is real!  There are thousands of heart-wrenching calls and letters from parents whose children have been taught to fear or hate them. Both mothers and fathers can be perpetrators of Parental Alienation, but the true victims are always the children.  Please don’t make your child a victim of PAS.  Parent your child.  Share Parenting with your ex.  Think to put the child first.  PAS means you are putting the hatred you have for your ex BEFORE the Love you have for your child!.  Love your child MORE than you hate your ex.


# 255, Victims of PAS

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