My Family Christmas Letter


One father shares the heartache in what appears to be an unexpected divorce.  Seemingly, the reality of one parent moving out is revealed in his son’s school performance.  The frustration of this father may be exacerbated because in the (previous year) Christmas letter for this family shared how their son received a full ride sports scholarship to college.  Divorce changes things-and not necessarily for the better. Does the parent wanting the divorce realize the impact this may have on the child?  Is there awareness of the damage parental conflict may cause?

Regrets Christmas letter

#433, My Family Christmas Letter



No Treats This Year


A sympathetic message that will ring true for too many parents. Halloween is a fun holiday filled with wearing costumes, attending parties and trick or treating.  A child should have the opportunity to see both parents on this day. Both parents should have the opportunity to share in the fun.  Sadly, the person who misses out the most is the child! 

#484, Another Missed Holiday

Are Family Members Cropable?


This reveals a common theme in divorce for too many parents. The inclusion of both parents  in children’s live is an undeniable necessity.   Somehow, many parents of custody/divorce have become ‘crop-able’ from family pictures and the the family unit. Children need and want to have a relationship with BOTH parents.  

Divorce is between the parents and about the child!

# 478, Are Family Members Cropable?

Missing Out: First Day of School


Missing out on the milestone event of the first day of school and school pics. This father beautifully captures the essence of of the excluded parent. Seeing a child off for their first day of school each year is a right of passage! Sadly, their co-parent precludes this from happening.  While, yes, the mother is able to keep the dad away from this momentous occasion-the child is also robbed of a meaningful experience.  I wonder, do the parents who engage in the abusive behaviors think about the impact on the child?  Seemingly, this is a rhetorical question.  The behaviors are done “to” the co-parent.  No one is even thinking about the child!  Herein lies the dilemma.

My daughters first day of school pic m


The Singapore Fathers’ Rights Movement

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# 324, Missing Out: First Day of School

I Want to Talk to Our Son!


 This father follows the court ruling ‘allowing’ him to  call and talk to his son everyday. To no avail. Each day, his efforts to participate in his son’s life are ignored and overruled by the mother. This is the very sad and unfortunate reality for some parents. I hope this mother realizes soon how important this father is in their sons’ life. This is frustrating for the parent! AND, the child is DENIED the opportunity in having a relationship with his father.

#463, I Want to Talk to Our Son!

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Happy/Unhappy Father


A compelling pic. Father appears happy on the outside yet seems to hold feelings of sadness within his head and heart. A teddy bear is close by. Is this father yearning to hug his child? Talk with his child? Have a parent-child relationship as they did before the divorce/separation. How many parents will relate to this? Presenting as a happy self when in actuality they are sad; trying to go through the days when their heart is broken in a million pieces because they are unable to enjoy a loving relationship with their child. The black and white presentation contributes to the overall impact of this powerful pic.


#459, Unhappy Father 

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The Devil


This parent makes a succinct  declaration of the impact of PA has had in their life!  Many families are torn apart due to PA behavioral tendencies.  Sadly, too many children are forced to deal with emotional heartache and inner grief resulting from one parent choosing to engage in behaviors complicating the child’s relationship with their parent. A child has a right to have a loving relationship with BOTH parents!

Divorce is between the parents-ABOUT THE CHILD!


#329, The Devil