Sadness of Divorce


A parent finds this pic in their 7-yr-old child’s school bag. Expressing feelings about a parents divorce may be difficult especially in high conflict situations. Sometimes a child can share their emotions and thoughts through art.  Both houses appear on a hill at the same level indicating equality in their parent’s position (in their life and with power?).  

The child appears sorrowful and seems to have a pronounced frown. The arrows in between the thought bubbles show the need to accommodate both parents. Question marks in the bubbles appear as thoughts indicating confusion about the separation. Perhaps, even being placed in a position to choose sides.  Curiously, the question mark on mom’s side is larger and the hill somewhat higher even though Dad’s house is taller.

The figure has no hands possibly revealing emotional insecurity. No feet in a drawing may indicate a lack of control over their destiny or a sense of helplessness. This is a very unfortunate picture indeed.

Sadly, this is one picture that will not be placed on the fridge.


#439, Sadness of Divorce

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La Divorce



This artwork reveals the dichotomy of divorce.  A happy parent with a red purse holding her daughters hand (on the right side). This part includes a heart balloon, a stuffed polka-dot animal, a tall flower with a tiny ribbon collared dog leaping for joy.  The man in the middle is wearing a hat and has facial features. There is a wide smile shaped line extending past the outline on both sides. There appears to be a text bubble (?) in pink stemming from his hat.

On the left side this parent is looking down while walking. Her purse is now smaller and in black. Thee are no flowers, balloons or animals. There is a black heart with a black line. Notably, her shoes have an added outline which may be interpreted as something weighting her down. This time the mans face has no eyes or mouth. The possible text bubble is coming from where his mouth would be.

I wonder if many parents feel like this. Especially when there is parental conflict. Seemingly, a parent may be more accepting of a divorce if they know their child is happy and taken care of.


 #438, La Divorce

La Divorce by Sladjana Lazarevic

My Family Christmas Letter


One father shares the heartache in what appears to be an unexpected divorce.  Seemingly, the reality of one parent moving out is revealed in his son’s school performance.  The frustration of this father may be exacerbated because in the previous year this family sent a Christmas letter  sharing the amazing news of their sons full ride scholarship to college.  Divorce can change things-and not necessarily for the better.

Regrets Christmas letter

#433, My Family Christmas Letter


Destroyed by My Ex


This father shares a harrowing account of his experience with divorce and the Family Court system.  Seemingly, he is destroyed emotionally, professionally, spiritually.  This father has been stripped of the dignity in being a parent, a professional and a member of society.  The responsibility he demonstrates is abused and unnoticed.  THIS is the impact of decisions in the Family Court room.  

Family Court reform is a MUST!  

The presumption of 50-50 custody is needed.   

False allegations with no repercussions is a major problem.  

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One father’s experience:

I was married for several years. She had children and we had children together.

I came home from a biz trip. My ex was high and attacked me. This was not the first time she got violent with me. She told the police I was the aggressor, of course they believed her, so I ended up in jail.

It didn’t matter that I have statements from private care-givers and teachers, or a GAL report suggesting that mother should have supervised visits.

She is better at lying then I am at telling the truth-which makes it virtually impossible for me to get full custody of my kids. Unless, of course, I spend more money that I do not have (anymore). She has alienated my step children from me-kids who I loved as if they were my own for years.

So many family vacations,& father/son type trips and now I have zero contact with them. I was forced to pay her Atty, my Atty, GAL. I pay thousands of dollars each month in alimony, CS, and half of all child related expenses. I pay all medical, dental and summer camps. I am asked (extorted) to pay for other random expenses. God help me if I don’t.

My children are told not to listen to me, that I am a bad man, a loser, I do illegal things, I’m dumb, stupid, effin crazy, that I’m gay etc etc.

My kids are told I don’t want to see them when they are with her, or that I am keeping them from there mom when she decides to “allow” me to keep the kids for the summer. She never contacts the kids when with me and blocks me from contacting my kids when they are with her.

My kids are not allowed to tell daddy anything that goes on at mommy’s house. My kids are not allowed to call me, she even told the school not to call me.

I am now known as the wife abusing, drug addicted dead beat husband which has me so comfortable living in the community and my children’s teachers have started to ignore me and/or my requests.

I was accomplished and just started to reap some of the rewards for my many years of very hard work, all of which I had done before getting married.

Before marriage I had my pictures in major newspapers. Now, since that fateful day my mug-shot is online for anyone to see.

During my time with my ex I paid either to her, or for her, over a million dollars.   I have lost my savings.   What’s worse is that I am without the drive I once had. I suffer, I have an amputated spirit and my character has been assassinated.

How does one recover after losing awesome step-children and 1 of my own children? She even tried to take the dog.

Seeing my children slowly turn against me is extremely painful. Watching my children lie to my face is like a dagger thru the heart. I struggle daily at the thought of having to live in this tangled web of BS lies & deceit as I trudge my way thru the family court system as a single dad, which, is biased against fathers to say the least. It’s a nightmare of such epic proportions and way beyond my comprehension. It keeps me in such a deep depression that it’s hard to breath. I can go five days without even getting out of bed. My children have but one childhood and theirs is a crappy one.

Wish I knew what I did to deserve this.

#341, Destroyed by My Ex


Would you like to have a voice in the Family Court system? We want to know more about your child custody/child support issues.

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The Devil


This parents makes a succinct  declaration for the impact of PAS in their life!  There are so many families that are ruined due to PAS. There are too many children that experience emotional heartache and turmoil because one parent chooses to engage in behaviors representative of PAS!

One more time:  

Divorce is between the parents-ABOUT THE CHILD!



After living in HELL for 7 months due to the divorce and custody hearings- I am convinced that Family Court is the devil himself! The devil uses the family court to destroy a family-especially the child!  The judge and the attorneys are the messengers.


#329, The Devil

Missed Event

A sympathetic message that will ring true for too many parents! Halloween is a fun holiday filled with wearing costumes, attending parties and trick or treating.  Both parents should have the opportunity to share in the fun.  Sadly, the person who misses out the most is the child! 

My heart goes out TRUTH m


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Missing Out: First Day of School


This father beautifully captures the essence of PAS!  Seeing a child off for their first day of school each year is a right of passage!  Sadly, their co-parent’s tendencies toward PAS preclude this from happening.  While, yes, the mother is able to keep the dad away from this momentous occasion-the child is also robbed of a meaningful experience.  I wonder, do the parents who engage in behaviors of PAS, think about the impact on the child?  Seemingly, this is a rhetorical question.  The behaviors are done “to” the co-parent.  No one is even thinking about the child!  Herein lies the dilemma.

My daughters first day of school pic m


The Singapore Fathers’ Rights Movement

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