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Confess your feelings of betrayal, fear, heartache or humiliation that you have experienced in your divorce or co-parenting situation.

Share a setting that you regret or a situation that may have caused anguish, misery or sorrow  for your co-parent.  Or, reveal actions that may have promoted emotional pain or unhappiness for your child.

Confessions are not limited to heartache only.  Please share heartwarming moments and happy experiences you have experienced in divorce and shared parenting too!  Perhaps, something your co-parent did or said that has enhanced your co-parenting relationship.  

Here is anopportunity to share the confessions about your divorce or co-parenting experiences. This can be something that you have told to family and friends or a private thought that has remained a secret…….until now. Focus on extreme moments of individual experiences.  

This is a place to confess what your co-parent did or said that led to your feelings of betrayal, fear or humiliation. Write about something that you enacted, a statement or a thought you expressed that caused grief for your co-parent, your child or yourself.  

We learn from others experiences and situations. Perhaps in reading these scenarios, co-parents can identify with issues they are also experiencing.   Hopefully,one can see how some actions can have long-term negative effects and cause pain for their co-parent or child!   Importantly, by reading these stories co-parents can see that they are not alone in the thoughts and feelings surrounding their divorce and co-parenting relationship.

Invitation is extended to:

  • Parents who are divorced or in the process of divorce.
  • Parents and co-parents (never married) who have children.
  • Parents who have or do not have a parenting plan in place.
  • Anyone interested in a front row seat to see the despair that divorce or co-parenting issues can have on a parent and how the actions impact the child.

Tears and Confusion


A picture of confusion and sadness. This child appears distraught with large  flowing tears.  Facial expression on parents and pointed fingers create an undeniably upsetting situation for this child.   A jagged line projecting out of the head of the child may represent confusion due to parental conflict. Perhaps, the light blue tears represent feelings of of sadness. Does that mean the large darker blue puddle indicate ongoing issues of being put in the middle.  Are these parents aware of how sad this child appears?  Does this child have someone to turn to that could offer emotional support?

Parental conflict is confusing to the child.  Both parents seem focused on fighting while the child  between them is understandably upset. 


#507, Tears and Confusion



This is a colorful presentation of divorce. The black backdrop adds to the drama and emotional impact. A split heart with two parents who both seem distraught with tears. Two children are floating as if being tossed from the small house in between them. This artwork is used to show a child how divorce may feel. Sadly, the ridges on each side of the heart, and both children without a strong attachment to anything are realistic.  

#502, Two



Left Out


Sometimes in divorce, the dynamics change and one parent is left out. This shows how dad is not part of the picture for this child. Three-fourths of the pic is mom and child with a bright sun, blue skies, birds, a butterfly, flowers and green grass. Both are smiling. Child is displaying an especially large smile. A small part of the pic is dedicated to dad. Gray-tones set the dreary mood with a few large blue rain drops falling upon dad. Grass is gray, one flower in gray in droopy. Dad is miniature indicating he is less important. Dad, standing on a mound of gray does not appear to be smiling. A very unfortunate portrayal of this parent. I wonder if mom knows how important the father-child relationship is to the emotional and physical development of her child. 

#493, Left Out




A graphic representation of parental conflict for one child. Each parent seems intent in continuing their ‘unfriendly’ conversation.  Neither parent seems concerned the child is overhearing the argument. The tape on her mouth sends the message no one is concerned  in what the child has to say or thinking about this. Parental conflict is confusing and damaging to the child. How utterly sad for this child.

#492, Silenced


A Child Not Therapist

An adolescent shares their thoughts on hearing each parent vent about the other. Divorce is between the parents and about the child. Involving the child in the adult matters of divorce is difficult and unfair. Keep in mind, the child is experiencing emotions about the major changes happening in their world. Making sure the child has adequate emotional support is important.


#491, A Child Not Therapist


“I do not know what to do”


Children experience many emotions upon the onset of parental divorce. For this young girl she makes a common statement many children say in not knowing what to do. She is standing in the puddle of large tears streaming down from a very sad sun face. She seems to have her hands up is she reaching out? Two hears are drawn with an X over one. Does this represent her confusion in which parent to side with? The question mark is  outlined in yellow emphasizing her sad quandary as to what she should do. I wonder if the parents are aware how torn she is about the divorce. 

#490, “I do not know what to do”