Mom offers advice to parents considering divorce.  She shares thoughts on divorce and how her daughter will be impacted.    Children learn about relationships by watching their parents.  While this parent regrets her decision, she is right to be concerned about her daughter. However, crossing boundaries and engaging in an affair is a difficult situation.  We may ask how will the ‘no communication at all’ action  impact their daughter.  Understandably, this is an emotionally painful experience for all members of the family.  Mom offers advice to parents considering divorce and references the impact on their child.


I was married for 3 years and we had a daughter.  When she was 2 years old I did the unthinkable and slept with someone else. When my husband came home that night I confessed my deed. He refused to talk it about it, packed a bag and left. In fact, he has not talked to me at all. NOT ONE WORD.  He made arrangements for someone to pick up the rest of his things. Our attorneys handled the divorce. The exchanges for our daughter are done with either relatives or a friend. We do not attend the same events unless absolutely necessary and then we do not talk to each other.  I am now involved with someone else and have not told him why I’m divorced.  I’m too ashamed.

My concern is for our daughter.  She is young and I wonder how things will be when she is older.  She will see that her parents do not talk to each other and the palatable contempt between us. I continually ask myself “What will this do to our little girl?”  I regret my actions that led to the divorce.  I am disappointed because my daughters life will be impacted by my selfish actions.

To anyone out there thinking about divorce……RECONSIDER!  There is nothing worth the security of your child.


#552, Regrets

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