Divorce Through the Ages


This talented artist presents parental divorce through her experiences as a child to young adulthood. She presents the heart wrenching moments in the milestone events of parental divorce. This poem is emotionally captivating and touches on the emotions and experiences of a child growing up in the midst of  parental divorce. 

The artist comments: “I realized for the first time today disappointment goes both ways in a parent/child relationship, and this is the product.”On that note, I don’t blame their divorce for my failures. I take full responsibility for those. But my parents still shaped who I am to an extent, and that’s what I’m trying to get across in the last line. (WHICH IS MY FAVORITE PART I LOVE THAT GLASS METAPHOR SO MUCH MORE FOR ME).”


7 years old

My dad calls me and my siblings to the living room
Where he and my mom sit, smiles on their faces
That, looking back, I’m not sure were genuine anymore
My dad asks
“Imagine we moved to an island with two tents;
One with your mom, and one with me. Which one would you like to live in?”I don’t know much but I know I don’t like this question
So I answer
“I would put the two tents together so we can all live in one big one!”
Because that’s the only answer that doesn’t leave my tongue
With a foul taste, like when I somehow got soap
On my RingpopMy parents smile,
but I know my imagination
isn’t welcome on this imaginary island9 years oldI’m way too young
to feel like the tape
you use to close that tattered box
that somehow became too small to hold your Christmas tree
But putting the tree back at work today
I realize that’s exactly how I felt11 years oldMy parents are fighting
And I guess it must’ve been really bad
Because my mom storms up
And tells us whatever the reason they were fighting
(Or maybe just because of the fighting)
She was moving out Feburary of next year
I remember crying
But I don’t remember being sad
Or surprised14 years old

Twice as old as I was
When they first asked
And I still don’t like
Choosing tents

16 years old
I love her enough to call her “Ma”
But mom doesn’t like that so I stop
I wonder if she knew the love was
Still there

I wonder if it’s my fault
She left

19 years old

In a few years
It’ll be socially acceptable
For me to get married

And of course
If that happens
I hope it works out

Of course I hope
Life in general will work out
That I’ll make my parents proud

But if it doesn’t
When it doesn’t
I hope they remember
Who it was that taught me
Promises are made of glass

#487, Divorce Through the Ages
DeviantArt.comby kushamisaru at DeviantArt.com.
Artwork, Deviant Art, titled Enlightenment created by candiceshadow
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