Two Sad Parents


A very sad picture. Each parent is in their own home looking out the window with unhappy facial expressions and large abundant tears. This child’s love is further separated as indicated in the broken heart with corresponding colors to the perspective house of each parent. Interestingly, the door way to each home is farthest from the child.  Does this mean the child does not want to enter either home? Does she feel welcome in both homes. From the child’s self portrait, she appears very sad with large eyes and downturned smile. Standing out the most is the umbrella; a symbol of protection. Her umbrella is held far out and offers no shelter at all. Are these parents aware of how their daughter feels? Do they know this young girl sees their sadness and feels torn between them? I hope someone helps this child in coping with the emotional turmoil reflected in her picture of divorce.

# 476, Two Sad Parents

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