Nothing Matters


Divorce brings about many changes for everyone. This artist expresses devastating sadness due to the accompanying issues of parental divorce. No/minimal contact with one parent, no/minimal contact with a sibling, issues with step a family are common concerns impacting their daily lives. Some children and adolescents perceive the changes as devastating; with no hope for something better. 

NOTE: If you are considering suicide as a solution to parental divorce or another family  matter PLEASE stop and seek help. There are many groups that offer emotional support. 
USA: National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255USA 
USA: 2-1-1 Offers free and low-cost services and resources
USA: Emergency services: 9-1-1
UK: Hopeline, 0800 068 4141
UK: Helpline, Helpline 0800 132 737



#466, Nothing Matters? by Anonymous




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