Big Burden for a Little Girl


Children are at the mercy of their caregivers/parents.  This is a heart wrenching experience of an innocent child who is the victim of severe emotional abuse. Even more distressing, she accepts responsibility for the manipulation and lies told by her mother and telling lies about her father. Given the mother has mental health issues, owns a gun and leaves the child alone; somehow the basic needs of the child have been seriously overlooked and this could have been fatalistic.  Coping with emotional abuse and betrayal are large obstacles for a little girl.  I hope this child overcomes the guilt she is seemingly burdened with because of her mothers’ irresponsible parenting. Unfortunately, future relationships for this child may be impacted. Shame on this mother; and to anyone participating in the demise of this child’s emotional and physical security.  


A heartbreaking story shared by FB page,The Oregon Father’s Rights Movement:

Here’s my story…
When my step daughter was 3 she starting living with me and my husband and so did her mother. We help her mother get an apartment and moved in. Bm. Didn’t care what happened with her child couldn’t be bothered to see her. If she picked her up.from school she would talk her to grandparents and only seeing her for the commute. Three years ago. MB. Reported child being molested by my son. Which was fault (BM always stated that since she slept with her step brother when she was 12 and charged him with rape it would also happen to hers) after a length investigation it was found it never happened. But she got the little girl to tell everyone that she hated me and her dad and never wanted to see us. So after we started reunification with the child it’s found out that BM who has mental history owns a gun and leave child home alone. And lots more. Sadly to say child text BM to tell her she loved her and BM has not responded three days later. Child has been working on summer education with us and this one of the things she wrote

Reunifcation wants us to fight to get her Monday thru Friday and every other weekend and calls BM volatile. Child just wants to be HAPPY. Keep in mind that we got the child into cheerleading and paid for it. Also sent her to camp for 2 weeks and paid for it. BM get a monthly check from social security. As bf is disabled. Mom has a job and goes to school (career college).

#460, Big Burden for a Little Girl

As shared on The Oregon Father’s Rights Movement: FB

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