This artwork represents her emotions and having a  difficult time adjusting to parental divorce.  Notably, after several years she decided to lived with her father again.  This picture demonstrates the complexity of emotions the child, too often, is forced to deal with due to divorce.  This picture, by the name alone indicates sadness.  The large tear filled eyes is very revealing.  The down-turned mouth   affirms heartache and loss.  The reality of divorce for some individuals is beautifully executed in this pic.  This exposed the emotional aspect of utter sadness.   One can only hope that things improve between her parents and for this artist. 

Clearly, the emotional reflection of this art brings to light the impact of divorce on the child.  A job well done!

The artist shares: “I’ve been (and still am) struggling with depression these last months.  My parents got divorced about nine years ago and I had to go live with my mother and her new boyfriend. It was hard to let go of my father since I’d only see him during weekends and vacations. This event was really hard to process for my little sister though. We both hate changes and it’s one of our biggest fears.

The first weeks of living with my mom and her boyfriend weren’t that bad but my father was still left alone, which was really sad. I felt so bad for him. But not many weeks later he brought a strange woman with him when he came to pick us up; his new girlfriend. I guess it kinda hurt my (then eight year old) feelings that both my parents had moved on so quickly after loving eachother for over twelve years.”

Deviant art tears_by_hinagiku_shirabe-dadjrj6

#427, Tears

Deviant Art, Tears by Hinagiku-Shirabe

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