Whose Side


An emotional depiction of the drama and trauma of divorce for this artist. Several things stand out with this picture. Mom and the son in the middle are drawn with facial expressions. Mom looks sad with a flat line shaped mouth. This son seems to have heart shaped lips which is an interesting subliminal message.

Blue lines on their faces are interpreted as tears.  Mom has a red mark on her face which is curious.  Is this related to the item in dads left hand (is this a gun, knife or sling-shot dripping with blood?).

Curiously, mom has what appears to be the letter ‘Y’ in red on her top.  Is this the artists interpretation?  ‘Y’ the divorce.  ‘Y’ is this happening? ‘Y’ is this complicated?  ‘Y’ do I have to choose?

Dad and brother’s facial features are missing. One son is walking away.

An emotional portrayal of divorce. 


Deviant Art Whose Side m

#422, Whose Side

Deviant Art, Whose Side by Fhulufhuwani

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