Happy Family


A graphic depiction of divorce.  This artwork reveals the confusion and heartache many children experience when divorce happens in their family.  In this artwork, this child is split in half.  Not completely with mom or dad. Part of him is holding hands and walking with dad.  And, part of him is walking with mom and holding hands.  Note, how dad is smiling big while mom’s expression is less exaggerated.  

Interestingly, the boy is torn in the shape of a puzzle piece. Is he trying to figure out how this works?  Is he trying to understand how he fits into this newly formed puzzle?  Artist states: “My parents are divorcing.  My dad hasn’t been nice to my mom. I don’t see what can happen, I don’t know.” 

Divorce can be a confusing time for everyone involved.  Especially, when you do not know what is happening.

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#421, Happy Family

Happy Family: Deviant Art by Fhulufhuwani

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