A Broken Family


A graphic depiction of divorce from the child’s perspective. Both creatures show tears streaming down their faces.   The black background presents an added layer of drama. Note how each line of words is a different color further adding to the element of change that is occurring.

The artist shares this poem:

“The little girl wept,
The older one was silent,
Together they crept,
Away from their parents.

They thought it would stop,
That they’d finally be happy,
But it only got worse,
Everything was sappy.

The parents built a wall,
In the middle were the two,
They tried to climb but fell,
Into the lonely truth.

The older one was strong,
The younger one not so,
They didn’t know what was wrong,
They just silently watched the show.

One day it stopped,
And they were relieved,
But it soon ended,
And all were in grief.

They had a broken family,
Yet they forced themselves to be happy,
They were doing it for each other and for the other brother,
They were sad yet were a merry family.

The youngest of the three,
He didn’t understand,
He’d often ask much questions,
And now their all answered by me.”

Deviant Art a broken family2016-07-01 at 8.02.26 AM

#412, A Broken Family

Deviant Art, A Broken Family by LazuliteLily

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